World AIDS Day in the Middle East…

As you may know (or not, but now you’re aware :-)) World AIDS Day is tomorrow…

Now some people think that middle eastern countries ignore, or even worse, like to pretend that HIV/AIDS doesn’t exist under their latitudes. Granted, this might be some leader’s discourse, followed by a fraction of the population. After all, HIV/AIDS refers to the most fundamental existential issues of humanity: life, death, sex, love…and is therefore included in the taboo that relates to these notions.

Nevertheless, a large part of the population in middle eastern countries, especially among the young adults, is fully aware of HIV/AIDS transmission modes, the status of PLHIVs (People Living with HIV) and the medication available (ARTs) and is willing to share this knowledge and unveil the taboo.

Any proof needed? Then please go on the world AIDS campaign website an check their calendar: you will see the large amount of events organised in different middle eastern countries ( with a special mention for Egypt). Those are people dedicated to their cause with a real will for change. These people have decided to choose knowledge, tolerance and acceptance over prejudice and ignorance. These people’s voices and efforts deserve to be heard and appreciated.

So PLEASE, wherever you are, and especially if you’re living in the Middle East, wear a red ribbon, or something red, in support of these people who are living with the disease, who are fighting discrimination and making society change.

Stop AIDS. End Discrimination. Keep the Promise!

World AIDS Campaign website :

Lebanese Medical Students International Committee :

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