Women’s International League for Peace and Freedoom – International Women’s Day Seminar on Getting to Peace in the Middle East

Getting To Peace in the Middle EastThe Role of Women in Changing Threat PerceptionsInternational Women’s Day Disarmament Seminar 4 March 2009 The Seminar will take place at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Registration before February the 25th at http://www.wilpf.int.ch/events/2009/IWD.html See you there!

Iran, 30 years after the Revolution

In February 1979, the regime of the Shah was overthrown by a Revolution, conducted at the time by numerous parties, going from the Liberals, the Marxists, and the Nationalists to the Islamists. The population participated massively in this revolution, the opposition led by Khomeyni insisted on cultural authenticity, political participation and social justice. This emphasis … Continue reading

Keffieh…Aw Kaff?

Please note that the picture attached to this post is a masterpiece from the palestinian artist Mona Hatoum “Keffieh” Un carré de tissu, parsemé d’un damier noir ou rouge, un symbole, un accessoire, une mode, une polémique. Voilà en quelques mots à quoi se résume le Keffieh depuis bientôt deux ans, date à laquelle les … Continue reading

Café Thawra: Israel : une démocratie ?

Café Thawra: Israel : une démocratie ?

Israel : une démocratie ?

Nous entendons souvent les chefs d’Etats occidentaux louer la démocratie Israélienne face aux Etats autoritaires de la région. Nicolas Sarkozy a parlé d’Israël comme miracle du vingtième siècle lors de la venue du Premier Ministre Olmert, comme un modèle démocratique à suivre pour les Etats de la région. Il est clair que les Etats du … Continue reading

The Jews of Lebanon Project

Far, very far from all the stereotypes that govern the image of the Arab/Jews relations, here comes a Lebanese project that might surprise the public audience. Here’s the story of the Jewish Community of Lebanon, and their actions to rebuild the Beirut Synagogue destroyed in 1982 by the Israeli shelling and to reintegrate their community … Continue reading

Live From Bethlehem

Please check out this amazing trailer for the documentary movie Live from Bethlehem, a unique insight of the Palestinian reality and a beautifully drawn woman figure: http://www.livefrombethlehem.com/trailer.html

Seeing Middle Eastern women with different eyes

What do you think of when you hear about the Middle East? Go on, think. I bet you think war, explosions, terrorist attacks. A conflict-ridden area such as the Middle East suffers from a negative public image conveyed by the mass media. Just as their region is more than a little too often described as … Continue reading

À l’orée du troisième millénaire

À l’orée du troisième millénaire, la faim sévit encore, Il y a toujours des enfants délaissés, des pleurs et des larmes, Mettons fin aux guerres, aux superpuissances! Qu’il n’y ai plus de misères, d’oppressions, et de racisme! Qui es tu? Je ne te le demande même pas! Mais ta tristesse m’en dit long sur toi! … Continue reading