Part I: The socio economic origins of the Ba’th rise and its hold on power.

We will have a special file for the following weeks concentrating on Syria and its dynamics. We hope you will enjoy these articles. Syria is very often described as a country ruled by the Alawites sects in coalition with other minorities such as the Druzes, the Ismaelites or even the Christians against the Sunni majority. … Continue reading

Part II: The socio economic origins of the Ba’th rise and its hold on power

The “state class” that we have identified as the second stratum without which the rulers cannot rule was the creation of these new regimes arrivals to power. Milovan Dijlas explains in his text the concept of new class, defined as the political bureaucracy(1), which can be directly linked to the concept of “state class” and … Continue reading

The Legal Basis of the International Tribunal for Lebanon: Challenges and Opportunities for International Criminal Law

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon opened its doors in The Hague on the 1st of March 2009, after many years of tiring legal and diplomatic procedures. While many observers welcomed this institution, stating that it constitutes a great achievement for Lebanon, others raised issues regarding the legal basis of the Tribunal. These issues lead to … Continue reading

Quelle réaction face à l’initiative contre les minarets ?

L’initiative contre la construction de minarets lancés par le parti politique populiste UDC fait débat en Suisse depuis plusieurs mois maintenant. Les ambassadeurs helvétiques ont d’ailleurs dû expliquer à de nombreux pays à dominance musulmane le système politique suisse pour éviter des malentendus diplomatiques avec ces derniers. La Suisse abrite aujourd’hui une communauté musulmane riche … Continue reading

Women for Disarmament and Peace in the Middle East

The following statement was made yesterday in front of the Conference on Disarmament that’s taking place at the UN Geneva office. Getting to such a statement was a very interesting and thorough process, where an Israeli Human Rights defender and a Lebanese NGO representative sat face to face and discussed the Arab Peace Initiative…International Women’s … Continue reading

Violence contre les femmes aux Moyen-Orient: Entre Omerta et Action

Avant toute chose, il serait bon de rappeler que la violence domestique ne connaît pas de frontières, qu’elle n’est pas l’apanage ou la marque de fabrique d’une certaine région du monde. Elle touche toutes les couches sociales, ne connaît pas de différences géographiques et ne s’embarrasse pas d’épargner une quelconque catégorie de personnes. Il existe … Continue reading

Consequences of the world financial crisis on the Middle East

All the countries in the world have been affected by the financial crisis, the numerous recoveries plans going from the United States to Europa are now well known and are up to billions of dollars. The American President Obama is multiplying decisions to put back on track the US economy in injecting billions of dollars … Continue reading