On the 7th of June, why would I vote blank!

During Easter vacation in Syria, I was talking with friends of mine living in Lebanon about the forthcoming Lebanese elections in June. The main topic: which side to choose? 8th or 14th of March? After a while of pro and anti arguments for each political group and according to each of one political sensibility, we … Continue reading

On HIV, Women, Middle East and Blindness…

What do you think is the biggest challenge to living with HIV in Lebanon?The biggest challenge would be that, because we have so many conflicts in our country, HIV-positive people are not considered a priority. For me, as an individual, [my goal is] to fulfill my dreams. I have a lot of dreams regarding HIV-positive … Continue reading

Hezbollah vs Egypt or Mubarak’s last attempt to stay in the game

On the 8th April 2009, Egypt’s prosecutor announced the disassembly of a Hezbollah network in Egypt, accusing Hassan Nasrallah to have sent few members of the Lebanese party to Cairo to recruite Egyptians nationals, in order to prepare attacks and to destabilise the Egyptian regime. Forty nine suspects were arrested; they are also accused of … Continue reading