Palestine : Again and Always, Forever and Ever

On Sunday 29th of November, it was the United Nation International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and for this reason we thought it is important to remind everyone of the daily sufferings of the Palestinians, and of the Israeli criminal and colonial policy towards them. The Palestinian misfortune has now been going on … Continue reading

World Aids Day : Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.

Finance Ministers Meeting: Q&A with international press As you know, World AIDS is happening on Tuesday December 1st. Unfortunately, HIV and AIDS are not issues that are taken seriously enough in the Middle East, let alone the Rights of People Living With HIV. Why not start Keeping the Promise? Follow me while I give you … Continue reading


A year ago, we proudly pressed on Blogger’s post editor’s “publish” button, getting online the first of the 70 or so blog posts that will follow. From Blogger Pictures The idea of creating a blog didn’t appear to us like a revelation on some saint’s path, but it rather slowly crept on us, with lots of … Continue reading

Lebanese Women: Yes, They Can (They just have to struggle ten times more)

It is a very rare occurrence that my father is all smiles in the morning. Like me, we’re both the grumpy-before-I-had-my coffee kind. It is an even more rare occurrence that my father actually smiles while reading the Lebanese newspapers. A look of contempt and disgust is usually more likely to appear on his face. … Continue reading

Les réfugiés irakiens ou la longue attente vers un avenir meilleur

La souffrance des irakiens s’arrêtera-t-elle un jour ? Depuis maintenant 30 ans l’Irak subit les affres de l’histoire, d’un régime tyrannique qui a conduit le pays dans une guerre longue et meurtrière contre l’Iran faisant plus d’un million de victimes, des interventions étrangères lesquelles ont d’abord asphyxié toute une population à travers un embargo sanglant … Continue reading

Syria or what’s going on?

Syria today is at a crossroad for many reasons, but especially on a national and societal scale. Syria has changed a lot over the last few years and the consequences are visible everywhere and throughout the country’s landscape. On an economic, societal and political scale the country has evolved, but towards what? The government claims … Continue reading

Fairuz, Rose de l’Arabité

Que celui ou celle qui n’a jamais versé une larme en écoutant la voix de Fairuz s’annonce et se présente, que je l’examine pour m’assurer de son humanité. Permettez-moi aujourd’hui, après une semaine particulièrement éprouvante, d’ajouter « quelques grammes de finesse dans ce monde de brutes ». De me faire un Kif, comme dirait une certaine jeunesse. … Continue reading