A year ago, we proudly pressed on Blogger’s post editor’s “publish” button, getting online the first of the 70 or so blog posts that will follow.

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The idea of creating a blog didn’t appear to us like a revelation on some saint’s path, but it rather slowly crept on us, with lots of back and forth, until one day we put our laptops and heads together and got to business.

Café Thawra is the result of two people’s passion for the Middle East, of their frustation at the state of it, of their hope for it, of their will to make people in the West understand, rather than stigmatize. Fuelled by this fire, the subjects seemed to come to us fast, and taking advantage of our frequent stays in the region, we photographed people and places, took the time to really talk to people, immersed ourselves once again in our region, but with different eyes: the eyes that want to take back something with them, and report.

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The blog is now up and running, with feedback first of all from our friends and families, similar questions coming from different people “Doesn’t it take you too much time?”, “Isn’t it extra pressure to maintain a certain rythm in posting?” “Aren’t you afraid the authorities will ask you questions when you get back to the Middle East?”. For us, Café Thawra is a breath of fresh air, it helps us comment and question whatever we want, which has proven to act like a catharsis, voicing our disagreements and likes rather than jumping at everyone’s throat.

Today, Café Thawra translates into:
– 354 followers on Twitter
– 198 members on the Facebook group
– 98 fans on the Facebook page
– Countless hours of heated debate between Joseph and Paola, usually resulting in “Yes, well, you’ll see what I mean once I developed my whole argument on the blog”
– Written and oral comments by our friends, feedback, leads to explore some issues deeper
– Lots of love and support, laughter and excitement

Thank you so much for your support, and for making this blog alive!
We’re looking forward to welcoming you for the next ten years :-)!

4 Responses to “One”
  1. Richard says:

    Congratulations and here is to many more good years.

  2. Tony says:

    Good luck for the years to come! and keep up the enthusiasm!

  3. mich1mich says:

    Happy Birthday Cafe Thawra!!! I read your blog with great admiration and hope to continue doing that… Bravo, and keep them coming… :-))

  4. Maya says:

    1 year already! Congrats 🙂 Looking fwd for a second year of inspiring & beautiful posts are always!

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