WAD09, Solidarity, Awareness and Human Rights

Happy World AIDS DAY 2009 everyone!
This morning, the whole Café Thawra Team (that’d be Joe and me) went on Place des Nations in Geneva and took part in the Human Red Ribbon co-organised by UNAIDS, International Organisations and civil society in Geneva. Despite the freezing cold, colleagues, friends, passers-by, stood in front of the UN to express their solidarity with People Living With HIV around the world. We laughed, danced to a raising awareness Trinidadian song, and most of all, took a stand for solidarity. Speeches were given by the coordinator of UN+, the positive network of UN workers living with HIV, Remy Pagani, Mayor of Geneva, Geneva civil society representatives and the Swedish Trade Minister (currently President of the European Union), who escaped the WTO talks also happening in the city a couple of streets away.
Although some good news were reported (the infection rate worldwide has been decreasing), 33 million people are living with HIV, confronting stigma and discrimination, fighting for their rights to have access to treatment and to lead a normal life.
Being in this Human Chain has been an expression of solidarity. However small they may seem to us, it is important to be reminded that every action counts.
We were also delighted to notice that so many Lebanese bloggers and newspapers wrote on the issue. Hats off to you all, it’s one thing to raise awareness in Europe, it’s another to do so in Lebanon, where it is much more difficult to be heard!
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And Thank You to all of you who post, share, RT on Twitter, and simply show SOLIDARITY.

3 Responses to “WAD09, Solidarity, Awareness and Human Rights”
  1. Maya says:

    And Happy World AIDS DAY to you! So good to see activism about this, and especially in Leb.. Your blog is a BIG contributor and 'catalyseur' to this 🙂

  2. Fadi says:

    I'm not sure the term "Happy World AIDS day" is very appropriate though. The arabic version would be "Kel AIDS day w enta bi kheir"…?Anyway, why don't I ever hear of these events happening in Geneva?! I would have wanted to join. Everything happens so quietly here…it's like the WTO protests, i was in Geneva and didn't know it was happening until I saw the Credit Suisse vitrine totally smashed on monday.

  3. Paola says:

    AHHHHHHHHH Fadi! You ARE a Dictator! "Happy World AIDS DAy" is just an expression (or maybe it's just my brain that got twisted after hearing "Happy Day to End Violence Against Women" for 10 hours at work)I'm sorry you didn't know, but that'll teach you the good lesson of being on Facebook and/or Twitter! But I promise to keep you posted for any event like that 🙂 See you soon in Leb!

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