Aleppo, Revisited

Have you been to Aleppo recently? No? Then you probably might want to give it a try. The rival sister of Damascus is pampering herself and becoming one of the most important touristic and cultural hub of the Middle East. Decked out in her finest ochre and ecru finery, Aleppo boasts a magnificent past discreetly … Continue reading

Turkey, Standing on Its Own Two (Strong) Feet

Nowadays, Turkey seems to be the new darling of the Middle East: The Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri visits Turkey at the beginning of the year, relations between Damascus and Ankara has never been so close, Turkey has welcomed many officials from the region in Ankara for political or economic reasons and Turkish officials have been … Continue reading

On Being an Atheist in the Land of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad

To be an atheist or an agnostic in the Middle East is an issue seldom analyzed or even talked about. We can consider it as a taboo in the region, in which religious identities are still a way to define individuals or groups and where religion plays an important role in your every day life … Continue reading

The Middle East Reflects on the Status of Women…

As you know (or maybe not, but be patient, the Knowledge Will come to You), in 1995, hundreds of delegates from different countries gathered in Beijing and committed to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a document that set a milestone in the history of Women’s Rights. Throughout 2009, governments and NGOs around the … Continue reading