Development of the civil society and NGOs in Syria: process of liberalization or democratization?

Last January, the Syria Trust for Development, under the patronage of Mrs Asma al Assad, has organized the 1st International conference on development in Syria under the following title: “the emerging role of civil society in development”. Mrs Al Assad, the wife of the current President Bashar al Assad, has notably declared during this conference … Continue reading

Reclaiming our Bodies

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent by work to a workshop on Female Genital Mutilation, and more precisely on the necessary involvment of men in the eradication of FGM. Even though the whole conference was more focused on Africa, It lead me to think about sexual and reproductive health and rights of Middle … Continue reading

Egypt: Wall of Shame

Moubarak’s government has been continuously criticized, and may we say, quite rightly, this past year by the progressive Arab and World press for its role in the participation of the blockade of Gaza, and its unhelpful position towards the Palestinian people. However, Egypt’s last decisions to build an enormous subterranean steel wall along the border … Continue reading

Save a Life, Stop Stigma

 The Middle East is not particularly well known for its open-mindedness and tolerance when it comes to drug users, HIV positive people and HIV/AIDS. These issues are usually very hushed, with very few people (if any) daring to be open about their status and very few families admitting that , no, their son is not … Continue reading

De Genève à Gaza: Témoignage

Le deuxième voyage du conseiller national Jean Charles Rielle à Gaza en Janvier l’a tout autant bouleversé qu’une année auparavant, lors de sa première expérience dans le territoire palestinien meurti à la suite de l’offensive israélienne. Il le dit lui-même je suis revenu cassé d’un voyage de 48 heures, cela nous a beaucoup secoué, ce que nous … Continue reading