On International Land Day: Boycott. Divest. Sanction.

This post was written as part of the Global BDS Action Day, March 30th 2010 On Land Day, as the world will reflect (or not, depending of where you’re coming from) on the situation of the Palestinian people and the daily humiliations and breaches of their rights they have to endure and have been enduring … Continue reading

Conférence autour du thème « antisionisme, antisémitisme, islamophobie » par Gilbert Achkar.

Ce vendredi soir 5 mars à la maison des associations, nous nous sommes rendu avec Paola à la Conférence du Professeur Gilbert Achkar de l’Université de SOAS autour du thème suivant : « Antisionisme, Antisémitisme, Islamophobie ». Cet événement est organisé par le groupe politique de la gauche anticapitaliste, avec le soutien de plusieurs associations … Continue reading

Demining Lebanon, One Political Step at A Time

Going to a disarmament and arms control seminar with the other half of Café Thawra brought back to my memory a topic I wanted to write about for a long time but that somehow got sidetracked along the way: the de-mining of Lebanon. During the seminar, we had a very interesting session given by John … Continue reading

Examining the Palestinian Left at SOAS: Episode II

Anti Zionist left parties in Israel This section focuses on the different anti Zionist personalities or political parties inside Israel, whether Arab Israeli or Jewish. Those very courageous individuals or groups have to confront in their daily activism an Israeli society becoming increasingly intolerant and racist, as suggested by many of the speakers and as … Continue reading

Examining the Palestinian Left at SOAS : Episode I

I was very excited a few weeks ago to come back to my beloved university SOAS and attend the conference about the Palestinian left organised there. I was also able to see my ex classmates, going back to our old debates regarding our beloved region: the Middle East. The subject of the conference was very … Continue reading


When I first learnt that I wouldn’t be able to physically attend the Women and Work European Training Foundation Conference organised by Silvia Cambie due to work constraints and held in Turin (Alas! I discovered that working required your actual presence more than two days a week), I was bitterly disappointed. But I wannaaaaaaa! Screamed … Continue reading