Palestine Popular Movements Reports

Reports on Popular Demonstration of Friday 7th of May in Bi’lin, Ni’lin, Al Ma’sara, Nabi saleh and others.

In Nabi Saleh: A child and 8 more were arrested, some of them beaten by undercover Israeli soldiers during the demonstration; At around 18:00 when the demonstration in Nabi Saleh were in its last clashes with Israeli soldiers, undercover soldiers, backed by an army invasion, came from behind the demonstrators, and grabbed a 11 year old Palestinian child. Two Israeli protesters who witnessed the misdeed were also arrested after pointing out to the soldiers that he is just a small kid. Another 19 year old Palestinian was arrested and beaten by the undercover soldiers, who fired a live ammunition rifle to the air and used stun grenades to keep other protesters at bay. The child, who was beaten by an undercover soldier in the Halamish police station, was released after family intervention and appeal to the army. 4 more Israelis and an International were detained and taken to a police station when riding a car on a road that leads to Nabi Saleh.

Around 50 Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, internationals and Israeli supporters participated in this week’s demonstration against the strangulating occupation and the Halamish settlement. As usual, the demonstration had just started and was peaceful as the Israeli army launched much of its offensive on the village’s built area, using tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets. Israeli soldiers were also based on a hill that leads to a spring of the village, next to the settlement, but they were warded off by some kids, in a symbolic victory that cheered everyone in the hot sunny day. Some 8 military vehicles were involved in this week’s aggression, and for long hours they were all on the village’s main junction, soldiers spreading throughout the area, while one jeep had to be towed.

Bi’lin: one peaceful protester hurt and 6 detained in the yesterday weekly protest against the apartheid wall. Those arrested include Ashraf Abu Rahma (28, who was videotaped at another event as he was blindfolded and shot, brother of martyr Bassem killed at peaceful protest),Abed Al-Fattah Burnat (Committee member, 53), Haitham Al-Khatib (34,Photographer), Roy Vackner,and Uri Baytman (Israelis), and a 27 year old US citizen Stormy.

A rare achievement for the popular struggle in Ma’asara: for the first time in two years demonstrators have succeeded reaching the agricultural lands on the route of the wall. The weekly demonstration, numbering but 35 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals, proceeded from the heart of the village, arriving at the regular location where soldiers and barbed wire stopped the march. Stating, as usual, that they want to reach the village lands, demonstrators were surprised to see officers actually considering the notion, then allowing the march and asking activists to avoid blocking the road. And so the march proceeded, going round the wire and on to the lands. Once there, demonstrators carried speeches and sang the International, and after another half hour returned peacefully to the village.


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