Manifeste Pour Un Retour Au Naturel

Que celle qui n’a jamais eu un sursaut d’horreur et d’effroi en tournant la tête et en tombant sur une enième réplique de Sabah au Liban me jette la première pierre! Force m’est d’avouer que je déplore la mode libanaise contemporaine de la chirurgie esthétique, mode que je considère être l’équivalent d’une standardisation de la … Continue reading

Letters from imprisoned comrades and resistant

“Israel’s repression of its Palestinian citizens unites us in struggle.” Ameer Makhoul is a human rights defender, the director of the Arab nongovernmental organization network Ittijah, a leading voice of the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and a Palestinian citizen of Israel. He has been in Israeli detention since he was arrested from his … Continue reading

Weekly report 23/06/2010: Popular movements in Palestine

Beit Jala 20/06/2010Israeli occupation forces on Sunday 20th of June engaged in beatings, burning of fields, and attacking peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and reporters. Two young Palestinians were injured after severe beatings with hands and clubs (they were both near their homes and not participating in the demonstration). Several demonstrators were also roughed-up. Occupation enforcers also … Continue reading

When Gaza Meets Geneva

Dull, too quiet, too neutral…Those are usually the words used to describe Geneva by people who don’t know it that well. However, I can assure you that yesterday evening, Geneva was everything but dull, as it bounced and moved to the sound of the Palestinian hip hop band DARG Team. DARG stands for the Da … Continue reading

J Street and J Call: possible partners?

J Street and J Call (or the “European Jewish Call for Reason” petition) have been presented in the media as the voice for peace from respectively the American and European Jewish community. Leïla Shahid, the Palestinian general delegate at the European Union even declared that “through J Call we have a partner for the Palestinians” … Continue reading

Popular movements in Palestine: Weekly Report 15/06/2010

On Sunday 13/06/2010, Demonstration in Beit Jala, Israeli occupation forces acted violently, notably by hitting and shoving people. On Saturday 12/06/2010, Demonstration in Beit Ommar, international PSP activists were arrested. One was arrested at a protest in solidarity with the Flotilla, the second at a demonstration at the karmei Tsur settlement. Both were accused of … Continue reading

When I was 20…

… I dreamt of becoming a music composer. An air stewardess. I wanted to travel the world. Become a doctor, or a journalist, or maybe a fiction writer. When I was 20, I had dreams, and hopes and visions for myself. And then I got married. Those are not words I read in a badly … Continue reading

Migros, Coop et Israël : Avez-vous dit commerce éthique ?

Les deux lignes de supermarchés Migros et Coop dominent le marché suisse de la distribution depuis plusieurs années maintenant et enregistrent également des chiffres en constante augmentation malgré la dernière crise économique . Les deux géants suisses sont en outre engagés publiquement à respecter des critères éthiques envers leurs consommateurs et dans leurs approvisionnements. Cela … Continue reading

Weekly report: Palestine and demonstrations around the world

PalestineThe Israeli military forcibly seized the Irish-owned humanitarian relief ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, from delivering over 1000 tons of medical and construction supplies to besieged Gaza. For the second time in less then a week, Israeli naval commandos stormed an unarmed aid ship, brutally taking its passengers hostage and towing the ship toward Ashdod … Continue reading