J Street and J Call: possible partners?

J Street and J Call (or the “European Jewish Call for Reason” petition) have been presented in the media as the voice for peace from respectively the American and European Jewish community. Leïla Shahid, the Palestinian general delegate at the European Union even declared that “through J Call we have a partner for the Palestinians” . The progressive newspaper le Monde Diplomatique in an article written by Jean Altermann described the new Jewish lobby J-Street as a pacifist one and as working against the AIPAC’s pro Israeli conservative policy in the USA . Therefore, should Palestinian and International solidarity groups all welcome these new partners in the struggle to implement International Law in Palestine and force Israel to respect the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people?
Unfortunately, this is not the case, and attribute such as progressive, peaceful or pacifist does not apply to them in any way. This is why true Jewish partners in the solidarity movement for Palestine have denounced both J Street, as another Israeli lobby in the United States, and J Call, as a call to save Israel and not for peace. This is why organization such as “l’Union juive française pour la paix” ( French Jewish Union for Peace) or “International Jewish AntiZionist Network” refused to sign J- Call, describing it as a dishonest call, and even published a critical article against it, entitled “Un appel à la raison bien déraisonnable » ( A call to reason very unreasonable) . Here is a short abstract of this article describing J-Call:

“This call to reason is actually a call to come to the help of Israel. The Palestinians do not count, except to say that they are a demographic threat to Israel… This call is dishonest”.

J-Call and J Street actually both work in a Zionist framework. This will become clearer in the presentation of the different elements.

Firstly, their support for a Palestinian State is only in the perspective to save the Jewish nature of the Israeli State. J Street declares for example on its website that “We are pro-Israel because we believe that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the single best chance we have to secure Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy. We believe in the original Zionist idea of a country where Jews could always go to be secure, and we hope that Israel will live up to and represent the core Jewish values of justice, equality, and democracy” .

The J Call text also describes the way the signatories are linked in a way or another to the State of Israel and they observe that the existence of Israel is in danger. David Chemla, who presented the J-Call petition to the European Parliament and also serves as chair of Peace Now France, exposed very clearly the way the signatories follow the Zionist ideology and do not question at any time its credibility: “We identify ourselves with Israel and its rights, but we criticize. This is healthy and needed. We are Jews, Zionists and are always ready to stand up for Israel’s right to exist. We are against delegitimization and boycotts of Israel, but what we are showing is that it’s okay to be identified with Israel, and at the same time also to criticize [some] of its actions” .

In relation to the support for establishing a Palestinian State, the J-Call petition put it the following way “the establishment of a peace with the Palestinian people on the basis of “two peoples, two states” is necessary for the future of Israel. We all know there is urgency. Soon Israel will be facing a disastrous alternative: either it becomes a state where Jews are a minority in their own countries, either by setting up a regime that would disgrace Israel and transform it into an arena of civil war” . What a catastrophe, imagine Jewish being a minority in their own country! Is it not a strange statement? One might wonder, as all the J-Call signatories are citizens of European countries where the Jewish communities are minorities, and I do not think they face any problems or discriminations as such.

Both actors by proclaiming the need to recognize Israel as a Jewish State deny the possibility for Palestinian citizens of Israel to absolute equality in this regard, which is actually currently the case with discriminatory laws and practices against them. They therefore support different levels of citizenship according to a citizen’s religion.

We should remind ourselves that during centuries, Jewish intellectuals in Europe worked to be recognized as equal citizens in their own country whether being France, England or elsewhere and they finally achieved it after long efforts. Today we can find all over Europe and in the United States official representatives coming from the Jewish community, because they – as they should – are considered as any other citizen. Unfortunately, and this in total contradiction with the struggle of these Jewish liberal European intellectuals, movements such as J Call and J Street are calling for different levels of citizenship inside Israel. The Jews will actually be regarded as the privileged and the Palestinians of Israel as the discriminated. What an odd turn of events!

The J-Call and J-Street, also through their support to the Jewish nature of the State of Israel, deny the right of return for the Palestinian refugees, as recognized by the UN Resolution 194 and International Law in general. With regards to this topic, J-Street declares very clearly on its website that the resolution of the refugee issue is within the new Palestinian state and in the current host countries . No mention whatsoever of any right of return inside Israel is made.

In addition to these elements, we can also take into account the acts and declarations made by the signatories of the J-Call or by the J Street movement. Bernard Henri Levy for example, who signed the J-Call initiative, entered Gaza during the war in 2008-09 in an Israeli army tank, declared that Zionism is the only “ism” of the 20th century that didn’t fail and become a caricature, of all the great movements , and also claimed the day before the attack on the Free Gaza flotillas that he has never seen an army as democratic as the Israeli Defense Forces (which we should call instead Israeli Occupation Forces) . Following the attack on the Free Gaza flotillas, himself and Alain Finkelkraut, another signatory of the J-Call, declared that the organizers were themselves responsible for the deaths of the activists on the boat and not the Israeli army . J-Street on its side has been opposing measures to sanction Israel’s behavior in the United States. J-Street, for example, collaborated successfully with AIPAC to sustain the executive veto, upheld by the student senate at the University of California-Berkeley on April 26, 2010, on SB118, which is the student body resolution endorsing divestment of university funds from General Electric and United Technologies, two companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip .

We can observe J-Street limits and conservatism, in relation to the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanction) call from the Palestinian Civil society; they, quite rightly besides, consider it as an attack on Israel’s character as a Jewish state. Isaac Luria, a member of J Street, complains that the BDS movement “fails to draw a clear distinction between opposition to the post-1967 occupation and opposition to the existence of the state of Israel itself as the democratic home of the Jewish people.” The BDS call emphasizes rights, as opposed to political solution, but actually its demands may lead to an Israel that is a state of all its citizens irrespective of religion. This possibility does not satisfy in any way members of J-Street, which actually asks for a Jewish supremacy in the State of Israel.

In relation to the Free Gaza flotilla attack, J Street calls for “an Israeli independent commission to investigate the events onboard the Marmara and the decisions and circumstances surrounding the tragedy” and not an International investigation led by the United Nations. To the question “Weren’t the Israeli Defense Forces acting in self-defense?” they answered the following way: “Video does show that the IDF soldiers were attacked by a violent mob, and we hope that an independent inquiry will determine the exact circumstances”.

In conclusion, we have observed the way J-Call and J-Street work in a Zionist framework struggling to maintain the Jewish supremacy in the State of Israel and not in order to build a peace between Palestinians and Israelis based on International law. They actually do not speak about Palestinian fundamental rights and they even deny them such as the absolute equality of Palestinians citizens of Israel or the right of return for Palestinian refugees. This is why J-Call and J Street are and should be considered as partners in the solidarity movement for Palestine. Finally, any organization endorsing openly the Zionist ideology, which is a racist ideology, cannot be considered as a partner in the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Nouvelobs.com, 4 mai 2010.

Le Monde Diplomatique, Des Juifs américains contre la droite israélienne, Jean Altermann, Octobre 2009
texte J-Call
Noura Erakat, BDS in the USA, 2001-2010‏

11 Responses to “J Street and J Call: possible partners?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don't Arabs recognize the Jewish "right of return" to Palestine? Muslims are the ones who pushed the Jews out in the first place through war. They pushed most of the Christians out, too. Just because it happened awhile back doesn't mean it didn't happen.Israel exists. War happened, Palestinians lost their homes just as people anywhere do in war. War sucks. Instead of focusing on something that will NEVER happen based on the whiny Arab notion of victimhood, why not focus on things that can change, such as building up the economy of Palestine, making Palestine a real state, stopping settlement expansion, improving education, etc.And no, I am not a Zionist (or Jewish). The way Israel treats Palestinians is inexcusable. But I am sick and tired of Arabs using "Zionism" as an excuse to justify every little problem that exists in the Arab world. J Street is a great organization staffed with people who DO care about peace and who are sick of AIPAC letting Israel get away with everything. Perhaps if you'd ever met someone from the organization, you'd know this. They don't recognize Palestinian right of return and Palestinians don't recognize Jewish right of return, so it's time to move on from that archaic argument.

  2. Paola says:

    Thanks for your comment. I really don't think that the article vehiculated a notion of "Arab Victimhood" as you put it. Israel was a state that has been created by European powers, following the Zionist ideology. What Israel is doing now is using every single means possible to make the Palestinians leave, and by every means, I mean killings, attacks on civilians etc. Officially, this is not a state of war but of Occupation, with all the international law rules that this qualification implies. When you say "Palestinians lost their homes just as people anywhere do in war" I answer, sure they do, but afterwards there has to be compensation, and civilians must not be harmed, and the Geneva Conventions must be applied, all of which is not happening right now. The right of Return for Palestinians is something that needs to be discussed at an internatinal negotiations level if you ever want to have a just peace. If wanting the simple application of international law and asking for compensations, an official recognition that waht Israel is currently doing is purely and simple ethnic cleansing, and wanting to find an equitable solution for the Palestinians means playing the victim, then yes, I'm playing the victim. But I honestly think that the people who keep talking about the Shoah, claiming Arabs want their death and the end of their state are the real ones playing the victimhood card, not people whoe are trying to keep their dignity. JStreet and JCall are not viable because they only care about Israel's well being, and never about the Crimes aginast Humanity perpetrated by Israel. Note: Blogging curtesy requires people to identify themselves.

  3. Joe says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Joe says:

    Thank you for comment and your interest.I would like to put forward first the problems arising from your arguments:-“Muslims”, (who are you talking about exactly? They are more than 1 billion Muslims in the world) never pushed out Jews through the war at any moment in history, neither did they push the local Christians out. The Crusaders were indeed pushed out, but they were invaders, so yes people of the region, Christians and Muslims, struggle to put an end to their occupation.-In order for you to have your history right, the Palestinians authorities, (instead of using the term “Arabs” again who, they are more than 300 millions Arabs), through time, from the British mandate until now, always accepted to welcome or to accept a certain amount of Jews from Europe in Palestine, but they refused the establishment of a Sectarian Jewish State on the Land of Palestine. They struggled for a Secular state, where each citizen is equal independently from its religion. This is the case until now. – “Why don't Arabs recognize the Jewish "right of return" to Palestine?” There is no such thing as the “right of return” in relation to the Jews from Europe or other countries around the world. We should call it the following way: right to come in a country we do not know and that my family on 100 generation does not know. The law of the right of return for Jews is a racist law as are most of the laws and institutions in Israel. Why can’t Palestinians refugees, who still have the keys of their houses of 1948 or 1967, can’t come back to Palestine or Israel and are denied their basic rights, while a random Polish, German or French Jew, who never came to this land in his life, can come to Israel, settle down, live wherever he wants and have the citizenship? Is this not strange? – Zionism, my friend, is a racist ideology, and as Nazism, as the Apartheid regime in South Africa, it should be condemned, simply because as a humanist I refuse this kind of ideology. Therefore groups endorsing such ideology should be treated in consequences and not as pacifist, which they are not. My main argument is that J-Call and J-Street are organizations which only care about Israel’s Jewish identity and supremacy and therefore should not be considered as movements supporting the application of International Law and quite on the opposite struggle against. Solidarity movements and true humanist struggle on their side for the application of International Law. Thank you for your interest again and I hope I have answered to your question.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Part 1: "Israel was a state that has been created by European powers, following the Zionist ideology."You know what other state was created by European powers? Lebanon! I mean seriously, step outside the prism of contemporary time and see that the Middle East region has always always always been ruled by one empire over another – the whole world has been ruled by empires. States are artificial creations. In fact, there were no such things as borders until the Treaty of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War in Europe. As far as “Zionist ideology,” yeah, that’s true, but look at the roots instead of looking at the outcome, for only in understanding the roots of a problem can one ever come to a solution. Only when understanding why your “enemies” are enemies can you bring peace. The reality is this: Jews originally come from the land that is now Israel. They were pushed out by various empires, including Arab and Muslim empires. They migrated to Europe but came back to escape persecution by Europeans. I know many Arabs "don't believe" that the Holocaust exists, but fact is fact. If you'd read the Mein Kampf books in all the bookstore windows in Hamra, you'd know Hitler always planned genocide against the Jews and carried it out. I have been to Auschwitz. I have been to Dachau. I have been to Terezenstadt where the Germans kept a lot of children because they wanted to use the camp to show Red Cross workers that they were “treating their prisoners well.” You should see the darkness of the artwork that still survives from the hands of those children. It absolutely makes me physically sick that people would deny the Holocaust happened, and the conspiracy theories about having made it up? Comes from the minds of lunatics.Oh, Zionism, the explanation for all the world's problems! Arabs have very little understanding of why Zionism exists because they don't study the history of thought. They don’t even study the history of Arab thought, so how can they be expected to understand European thought that ended up producing something like Theordor Herzl? I mean, have you ever met an Arab who talked at length about Ibn Rushd (Averroes?) It’s sad how the only Islamic philosophers Muslims know today are those like Qutb and Al-Ghazali who are responsible for so much bloodshed that goes on today, because the old philosophers were brilliant. Look, your statement is made in the prism of modern time without taking into account that all of history is connected and one thing doesn't suddenly arise but is the product of multiple things that happen across the globe and across time. There are three important periods of thought that preceded the development of Zionism: Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Nihilism. Herzl was raised by a father who believed in Enlightenment thinking, which was based on “reason” and science and was full of atheists and the irreligious. The Enlightenment period led to the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe at the end of the 18th century.Romanticism was an intellectual movement that sprung up in response to the Industrial Revolution. The Romantics were revolting against the aristocracy who controlled the means of production – the businessmen, more or less. Romanticism, in a sense, was a spiritual movement – not religious, but based on emotions derived from the aesthetic quality of things, a reaction to the soullessness of industry (god, this sounds like history repeating.) They were often called irrational.But Herzl grew up during the Nihilism period which pretty much said that life is meaningless, that there is no such thing as morality, and was a reaction to the perceived irrationality of Romanticism. Zionism, he thought, would help lessen Jewish support for socialism, nihilism, and anarchism which were fashionable at the time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Part 2: Although Herzl was Hungarian, he moved to Vienna in his youth, where he would die four years before a certain young Austrian, Jew-hating, swastika loving, wannabe artist moved there. Austria was a hotbed for anti-Semitism, but so was all of Europe. Do you know about the Dreyfus Affair? It was about a French Jewish soldier convicted of spying for Germany. Herzl covered as a journalist in Paris. It turns out that another French guy was responsible, and Dreyfus was exonerated. But anti-Semitism had reared its ugly head throughout the whole affair, and there was some really nasty stuff that went on, which Herzl had to write about. Most Muslims don't realize how much animosity there is (or was until World War II) between Christians and Jews, but for most of history, Christians blamed Jews for the Crucifixion of Christ. Herzl was a secular liberal until he began to understand the extent of antisemitism that ran through Europe at the turn of the century. Think about the hatred one must have to experience to go from a secular, Enlightenment thinker to one who advocates a state based on an ethnic religion!Look, I’m not saying Herzl was right. I take no sides because both sides are responsible. But step outside of the narrowness of now and see why Jews wanted a place of their own.“Officially, this is not a state of war but of Occupation, with all the international law rules that this qualification implies. The right of Return for Palestinians is something that needs to be discussed at an internatinal negotiations level if you ever want to have a just peace.”Says who? What is war? Something officially declared by a government? Because if that’s your definition, then the United States is not at war with Afghanistan and was not at war with Iraq, because only the US Congress has the power to declare war, and they never did it in either case. Look, if one side believes it is at war, then there is a war. Israel believes it is at war with Hamas, so it is at war. Al Qaeda believes it is at war with the United States, so it is at war. Words are just that – words. There is such a human limitation when it comes to words. But yes, international law still applies. What they are doing to the Palestinians within Palestinian territory is wrong (and what they’re doing to Arab Israelis is wrong, too.) Even the United States recognizes this (though these things are ignored by the Arab press.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Part 3: “When you say "Palestinians lost their homes just as people anywhere do in war" I answer, sure they do, but afterwards there has to be compensation, and civilians must not be harmed, and the Geneva Conventions must be applied, all of which is not happening right now.”Actually, there is a system for compensation and always has been, but the notion that Palestinians have that they are going to return to their homes, many of which have been destroyed, has stopped them from applying for compensation. A Palestinian can claim compensation from the Israeli Special Committee for the Return of Absentee Property. They simply won’t do it because making a claim in Israel courts means recognizing the state of Israel. Let me quote Mahmoud Labadi, a former official spokesman for the PLO way back in 1980. “Do you really wonder why we won’t claim compensation? We don’t want compensation – we want our land. It’s invidious for any Palestinian to take a cahs payment from the Israelis. It undermines our demand for the return of our homes.” That was in 1980. Most of those homes are gone now. And this whole keys idea? Ridiculous. This is 2010. Israel became a state in 1948. Most of the people who held those keys are dead and their families have never seen Palestine. In life, shit happens. Do you know how many Americans are Americans because their ancestors were forced out of their countries? Do you know how many Americans have ancestors who were persecuted because of their religion or because of their ethnicity or because of their social status? Most of us. Am I going back to County Tyrone in Northern Ireland after the British forced my family out of the country in the late nineteenth century? No. And that wasn’t that long ago. The notion of compensation for something that never happened to me personally has never even crossed my mind.And what about those Israelis who now live in homes that used to belong to Palestinians UNDER THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE? Those Israelis had nothing to do with coming to Israel. Most of the original immigrants are dead! Where on earth is a fifty year old man, for example, who was born and grew up and built his business and made his home in Israel, supposed to go? And how can people complain about occupation when the whole justification for owning land in the past is deeds from a different occupation? The deeds that Palestinians have for that land are issued by the Ottoman Empire! Can you not see the irony in your statement? Palestine was occupied then. It’s just different occupiers now. The Ottomans were pretty brutal to the Arabs. I can’t believe suddenly Arabs forget how the Ottomans treated them and are falling in love with Turkey. I mean, how come the Lebanese never talk about the fact that the Ottomans let 300,000 Lebanese civilians starve to death during World War I because they took all the food for their soldiers?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Part 4: “JStreet and JCall are not viable because they only care about Israel's well being, and never about the Crimes aginast Humanity perpetrated by Israel.”I think you mean that JStreet and JCall are not viable because they believe Israel has the right to exist. At this point in time, 62 years later, they do. Israel exists. It’s not going away. You’re not going to be able to kick out people who have lived in their homes for 50 years or whatever and give it to some 25 year old kid who has never been to Israel/Palestine unless you fight a war for it.You are right to point out Geneva Convention, which did not exist when Israel was created. But you are dead wrong about J Street. J Street is challenging the blockade in Congress, for example.As far as Joe’s comments go, it makes me wonder what kind of schooling he had.“-“Muslims”, (who are you talking about exactly? They are more than 1 billion Muslims in the world) never pushed out Jews through the war at any moment in history, neither did they push the local Christians out. The Crusaders were indeed pushed out, but they were invaders, so yes people of the region, Christians and Muslims, struggle to put an end to their occupation.”Um…where to begin with this ignoramus statement? There were not 1 billion Muslims at the time of Muhammed. In fact, there was 1 at the beginning. Muhammed was a politician, a diplomat, (see Constitution of Medina before anyone gets bent out of shape for saying that), and the leader of an army. After the Battle of Badr in Mecca, Muhammad expelled the Banu Qaynuqa, one of the three main Jewish tribes from Medina. According to some accounts, he wanted to kill the tribe but cooler heads convinced him to just expel them. Muhammad divided the property of the Banu Qaynuqa, including their arms and tools, among his followers, taking for the Islamic state a fifth share of the spoils. He had the chieftan of the Jewish tribe Banu Nadir, Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf, assassinated. I mean, seriously, what the heck do they teach you in school? Islam was a warmongering religion from the start. It just is fact. Do you really think the Jews and Christians there just willfully converted? That’s very arrogant and very wrong. Do you not remember how Arabs invaded Europe way before the Crusades and were pushed out of Spain in 711? This is what happens when you are not allowed to talk about religion in a religion – you can’t view the Prophet as a warmonger, because how would you be able to blame the West for everything! And you say to me “-In order for you to have your history right,” You know what? History existed before the twentieth century!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Part 5: “Why can’t Palestinians refugees, who still have the keys of their houses of 1948 or 1967, can’t come back to Palestine or Israel and are denied their basic rights, while a random Polish, German or French Jew, who never came to this land in his life, can come to Israel, settle down, live wherever he wants and have the citizenship? Is this not strange?”I point you back to the paragraph above stating how most of the Palestinians who want to return have never set foot in Palestine. How can a Palestinian, who never came to this land in his life, come to Israel, settle down, live wherever he wants and have citizenship? Is this not strange? Double standard much?“- Zionism, my friend, is a racist ideology, and as Nazism, as the Apartheid regime in South Africa, it should be condemned, simply because as a humanist I refuse this kind of ideology. Therefore groups endorsing such ideology should be treated in consequences and not as pacifist, which they are not.”Yes, Zionism is a racist ideology. But not all Israelis are Zionists. See my comment above about generations of people who have been born in Israel and have raised families there, never knowing another place. Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Jews support Israel’s atrocities. Yet you can find swastikas quite easily in Lebanon, and Mein Kampf is proudly displayed in the windows of Beiruti bookstores. So who are the racists?There is hypocrisy all over the place. The Lebanese are the worst. I mean, you treat the Palestinians as bad as the Israelis do. You keep them in concentration camps. You prevent them from having jobs and owning land and being treated like human beings. The only reason you support the “right of return” is because you don’t want them in your country. You are as racist as the Israelis. Please don’t mention your support of international law again, because you are as hypocritical as you say the West is.Look, peace only comes when people have the courage to look at things from all angles instead of wallowing in their biases and hatred. Warmongerers and bigots are cowards. Yes, Israel is wrong. But if you keep blaming Israel for all of your problems, peace will never come. Instead of complaining that J Street isn’t doing enough, how about recognizing the fact that there actually is an alternative to AIPAC? Big change doesn’t happen overnight, you know.By the way, if "Blogging curtesy requires people to identify themselves." were true, there wouldn't be an anonymous option, now would there? You don't know me anyway, so what's the difference? There are some people, you know, who have jobs where they can't put their names online. Courtesy would recognize this fact.

  10. Joe says:

    Dear anonymous, thank you for your interest in this article, although sometimes badly expressed.I totally agree with the fact that Israel as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other countries are mostly European creations, thanks to colonialism and against the will of the indigenous people who wanted one united Syria including Palestine, Lebanon and Syria as the King Krane Commission stated it in 1919. The only difference with Israel is that the indigenous people of Palestine were forced to leave their land by Zionist forces at the time. “Jews are originally from the land called Israel”. I invite you to read the book of Schlomo Sand who disapproves with you and he is an Israeli. His book is called the “Invention of the Jewish people”. He explains the fact how there is no such things as a Jewish nation or “people”Again Jews in the Middle East were not pushed out by any Muslim or Arab Empire as you claim. I know my history my friend, while what you are saying is simply not true.I recognize the Holocaust and I am fully against any one denying it. Again you think many Arabs do not believe in the Holocaust. It’s not right, they are just fed up of hearing about the Holocaust to justify Israeli daily crimes. I think it’s great to go to the places you went and to pay tribute to victims of the Holocaust. As a humanist, I can only condemn the Holocaust and call it one of the biggest catastrophes of history. I now invite you to go to Palestine and observe from your own eyes the situation. Then tell me what you think and how in my aspects you can find characteristics of the Nazi period as you were able to see in these camps.Once again in your comments, you accuse Arabs of being ignorant, not knowing their own history. In Café Thawra you will never find insults or generalization against any people or identity, we denounce Zionism and Israel for their racist objectives, while talking about these braves Jewish and Israelis struggling for a State of all in Palestine. We never said all Jews are Zionist, quite on the opposite as you can see in this article and many others. I invite you to read the article again or other articles we wrote to see what I am saying is true.You do not need to give me a lesson on Zionism or of Herzl or to patronize me. I know it, while you only stay at the surface of it. You do not need to give me also a course on European history. “ Both sides are wrong” Would you explain me the logic? So the Palestinians would be wrong to refuse invaders and struggle against people who steal their land and kill them? This is just not the reality, there is one oppressor, which is Israel and one oppressed, the Palestinians.The USA does not recognize in any way the Apartheid regime of Israel, but treats it as a vibrant democracy. The USA does not recognize the institutional discrimination imposed on the Arab Israeli. In addition to this, Arab press does not ignore this reality; I wonder what you read. By the way do you read Arabic press? Again get your facts straight.Palestinians should have the choice to choose between compensations and the right of return, and not the Israelis imposing compensations. This is in complete denial of International Law, which I observe you do not believe and do not support. International law is at the end of the day the law we should follow and our referee to resolve this conflict. Why are you against the right of return? You want t keep Israel as a Jewish State? Why not make it a State of all its citizens? Why is this such a problem?

  11. Joe says:

    Part IIPalestinians in Lebanon, I totally agree Palestinians are badly treated and I have also denounced it several time, and I was actually working on it for an article to come. Some Lebanese political party still have a racist behavior against them and I think we have condemned them numerous times in the blog. But again, not all Lebanese are working against Palestinian rights in Lebanon and I can find many examples. I really invite you to inform you more. I never said J Street is for the blockade, get your fact straight again. But by the way J Street is against the blockade not for humanitarian reasons, but because it is a counterproductive policy for Israel. Bravo J-Street, what a humanist position!I won’t even enter the last point because about the history of the prophet Mohammad because there is no need. You did not precise what period you were talking in your first comment, so I just reminded you facts. And your arguments again are not correct.My schooling, yes, it is based on rights, which you seem to ignore. My schooling is based on humanism, which you seem again to ignore. You believe in power, while I believe in respect of the other and of all. I welcome your comments, but I invite you first to get your arguments straight and then to express yourself without being aggressive, there is no need. We are in a debate and different opinions are allowed. The need to be accurate in your arguments is although necessary, which we are in every article of Café Thawra as you can ask or check the sources at all time.

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