Syria: Results of the Tenth Five-Year Plan

This article is clearly in the continuation of my two last posts concerning the situation in Syria and especially concerning the social and economic perspectives of the country. Syria is, as you all know by now, at a crossroad in terms of socio economic policy and the Tenth Five-Year Plan launched in 2005 is now … Continue reading

Rights Here. Right Now. For All.

As the world is getting ready for the XVIII International AIDS Conference to be held from July the 18th to the 23rd 2010 organised around the theme “Rights Here, Right Now”, the issue of injecting drug use finds itself under the spotlight. One of the conference’s aims is to carry on the conversation initiated in Mexico … Continue reading

Weekly report 08/07/2010: Popular movements in Palestine‏

Beit Jalla – Sunday 4-7-2010 Sunday, July 4th, in Beit Jala some 30 protesters marched through a street that leads to the apartheid wall’s construction site. To the sound of the working bulldozers near by, the march was stopped by a group of soldiers and a barbed wire they installed earlier. The protesters demanded to … Continue reading

Enough is enough! Respect their right to live with dignity!

I would first like to apologize in the name of Cafe Thawra for the absences of articles concerning the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. This is a theme I care about a lot, notably because I visited a Palestinian camp in Lebanon and beyond all because I believe that the racist and discriminatory … Continue reading