Weekly report Palestine

18th of October

Palestinian women gathered, during a weekly protest calling for the release of Palestinian prisoners, at the International Red Cross building in Gaza City.
There are around 7,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Most Palestinians have a relative or know someone who served prison time in Israel for reasons ranging from throwing stones at Israeli soldiers to masterminding militant attacks that killed civilians.
17th October 2010

Thousands of liters of raw sewage from the illegal Gush Etzion settlement flooded over 50 dunams of Palestinian farmland in the village of Beit Ommar last night. The sewage was pumped from a storage unit inside the settlement onto the land of the Sabarna family, flooding trees and submerging a bulldozer. The 17th of October marks the fourth time this year that the settlement has dumped waste water onto the Sabarna’s land. The settlement emptied sewage onto their land in March, April and June, destroying the crops and costing the farmers thousands of shekels in lost income.
The flooding poses a major health hazard to the village residents. Members of the Awwad family, whose bulldozer was submerged, waded knee deep in the sewage to pull out the bulldozer, and ground soil contamination creates major health risks for local residents. 
Ten thousands protest loyalty oath bill and racist laws in Tel-Aviv
Protest over the amendment to the Citizenship Act continues – some10,000 people on Saturday (October, 16) evening gathered in Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir to protest of the loyalty oath bill, which was approved by the rightist Israeli government on Sunday. Protesters also voiced their opposition to the rising tide of fascism in Israel, as well as the growing legitimization of calls to transfer Arab-Palestinian citizens out of Israel.
Entitled “Together against Racism – Jewish and Arab march for democracy”, the march from Gan Meir park to the Defense Ministry headquarters brought together demonstrators from the Communist Party of Israel (CPI), the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash), the Communist Youth and Meretz , members of a number of NGOs and activists groups, and thousands of democratic protesters.
The participants, carried signs reading : “Lieberman’s voice, Netanyahu’s hands”, “Fascism and ethnic cleansing are standing proud” and “together we’ll protect democracy.” Demonstrators carried Israeli red flags, and chanted, “Lieberman, Lieberman, a fascist and a racist too”.
Leading the procession were Members of Knesset Dov Khenin and Muhammad Barakeh (Hadash), the Secretary General of the CPI, Muhammad Nafa’h, MK Haim Oron (Meretz), former MK Mossi Raz (Meretz) and Tamar Gozansky (Hadash), Peace Now Director-General Yariv Oppenheimer and Gush Shalom leader, Uri Avneri.
“Democracy will prevail and racism will be defeated. There is no room for (Prime Minister Netanyahu) Bibi and Lieberman’s games in the peace process. Everyone’s interest is for a two-state solution. There will be no transfer here,” told MK Barakeh.
The protest organizers distributed leaflets titled : “The Israeli government’s loyalty oath to the citizens of this country,” which read, “I promise not to discriminate or deprive anyone because of their descent, sex, nationality, accent, color, culture, economic status or any other factor. We demand the members of Knesset to be loyal to us and grant us the right to live in dignity, security and hope for the future.”
Speaking on a park bench in Sarona garden, MK Khenin said, “The democratic freedom is in grave danger. The nightmare of a transfer is turning into a realistic plan, and that’s why we stand here today. The foul wave that started with the Arabs has now reached the Jews who dare think differently”.
“Attacks on universities, artists and academicians have also become part of the ’internal danger’. We stand before a fatal battle for our future,” he added.
Meretz Chairman Haim Oron also spoke during the rally and said, “A bad spirit is hovering above this land. The test that stands before us is complicated and complex. The Knesset has 11 pending bills that are oozing of racism. We must stop this wave.
“We cannot run a democratic country as long as there is an occupation. We call on the government and the Knesset to freeze all racist laws and continue to freeze the construction in the settlements,” he said.
15th October
Nabi Saleh, by Ayala (anarchists against the wall)
Undercover Israeli army attack Friday Nabi Saleh demonstration; 3 Palestinian youth arrested.
Around 15:30 when the demonstration in Nabi Saleh was at its last clashes with Israeli soldiers, undercover soldiers kidnapped and arrested three Palestinian demonstrators along with one Israeli who was video-taping the attack. Arrests of Palestinian demonstrators typically entail prolonged detentions without charges or through a poorly-standardized military legal procedure.
Around 60 Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians and international and Israeli supporters participated in this week’s demonstration against the strangulating occupation and the Halamish settlement built itself on the village’s lands. As used to be the case before, the demonstration just began with a peaceful march through the village when an unprovoked attack by tear gas, sound grenades and, later on, rubber bullets – was launched by the Israeli army. The soldiers shot tear gas canisters directly and from short distance on the demonstrators, many of them the village’s children. Such a criminal conduct, which violates even the army’s own regulations, persisted throughout the demonstration and resulted this time only with several non-serious injuries.
The army also reinstated the use of its tear gas cannon, shooting some 20 tear gas projectiles at once, through which, as through many of its single tear gas attacks within the village’s populated area, it engaged in a criminal collective punishing and repressing of the
entire village.
Bil’in, report by Friends of Freedom and Justice
Friday, October 15, 2010, Bil’in, Palestine -Today’s demonstration against the wall, organized by the Popular Committee of Bil’in, was joined by about 100 local residents, Israeli activists and internationals. As the group moved peacefully y towards the site of the wall, they chanted to free Palestinian political prisoners, including Abdulah Abu Rahme and Adib Abu
Rahman who were arrested last year for their leadership of the poplar resistance in Bil’in. Abdullah’s two young daughters marched with the crowd, carrying posters calling for the release of their father.
Demonstrators carrying the Palestinian flag crossed through the gate to confront the awaiting soldiers with the simple question, “What are you doing here?”
Among the internationals were groups from University of Oslo in Norway, from Germany, Japan and the United States and from France.
When the soldiers tired of the presence of people demanding access to the agricultural lands belonging to Bil’in farmers, they began firing tear gas. The hot gas canister ignited fires in the dry olive orchards, which residents hurried to extinguish to protect the trees from damage. For a while it was possible to avoid the gas, but eventually it became too much, and the demonstrators had to retreat to the village.
It is a victory for the people every time they mobilize, without guns, to demand justice – an end to a wall that separates them from their ancestral lands and from the possibility of living peacefully with Israel.
October 9th 2010-10-08 “We stay here like the roots of the olive trees
On the first Friday demonstration of the olive harvest, two journalists were injured and dozens suffered from tear gas and rubber bullets in Bil’in.
The Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements organized the weekly demonstration against the illegal apartheid wall on the first Friday of the olive harvest. Many international solidarity groups, Israeli peace activists and Palestinians from other towns participated. The demonstration began after midday prayer and lasted two hours. Demonstrators held the Palestinian flag as well as posters for the release of Bil’in political prisoners. Some of the demonstrators held a banner with the phrase “We stay here like the roots of the olive trees.” On the way to the gate the demonstrators chanted slogans against the wall and the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, and against the Israeli house demolitions in Hebron today, which killed two people while still inside their homes. When the demonstrators reached the gate, they were unable to enter their land to collect their olives. The military shot rubber bullets and tear gas. The soldiers subsequently entered the gate to try to arrest the demonstrators but they were unsuccessful as a result of other demonstrators’ intervention. Two journalists were injured. Abas Al Momani was injured in the back by a tear gas canister. Haron Amaira suffered from extreme tear gas inhalation. Dozens of other demonstrators suffered from breathing tear gas poison.


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