International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People – Statements to the UN

– Summary of Statements: and – Message of Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh  –  NGOs Statement More to Come!

Les refugies palestiniens – Presentation Given During the 11th of November Conference in Geneva

Introduction Au jour ou nous parlons aujourd’hui, sur une population totale de 10.6 millions de palestiniens, 7,1 millions, soient environ 67% de la population palestinienne, sont des refugies. Les palestiniens constituent la plus grande population de déplacés dans le monde actuellement, représentant les un tiers a la moitié des réfugiés au niveau mondial. Les palestiniens … Continue reading

White Ribbon Day – 25th of November

Today is Blog Action Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day as men are supposed to be wearing a white ribbon today in solidarity with abused women everywhere.  I could perfectly well drown you with statistics, describe at length the different forms violence against women … Continue reading

Selective Summary of Key Challenges to Palestinian Socio-Economic and Civil Rights in Lebanon

By Wissam Saliby,  This presentation was given during the conference on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and in the OPTs in Geneva on November the 11th  According to its national report submitted as part of the UPR process, and as mentioned in its ministerial statement, the Lebanese Government undertook to continue to work to provide Palestinians … Continue reading

Report on Popular movement in Palestine 20/11/2010

21/11 One Palestinian Youth, Five Solidarity Activists Arrested in Beit Ommar Demonstration               Beit Ommar, Southern West Bank. One 14-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammad Awad, two internationals volunteering with P.S.P., and three Israeli solidarity activists were arrested by Israeli Forces during a peaceful demonstration against Karmei Tsur, an illegal Israeli settlement built on Beit Ommar land. … Continue reading

La situation des Réfugiées Palestiniennes dans les camps de réfugiés au Liban

This Presentation was given at the Conference on Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on Thursday November the 11th in Geneva at the Librairie Arabe l’Olivier. The papers will be made public through Café Tahwra.  For more information about this event: Dans toutes les situations de crise, que ce soit … Continue reading

Injustice and racism across Europe: thanks to capitalism and neo liberalism

Europe has witnessed an increasing privatization process, coupled with a dismantling of the welfare state, which started for over two decades. These processes have been accelerated since the beginning of the financial crisis in September 2008. The logical result of the financial crisis should have been a reassessment of the alleged “positive effects” of the … Continue reading

La Palestine Aujourd’hui: Conférence au Salon du Livre Francophone de Beyrouth

Pour moi, la Palestine est un choix. Je suis d’Ashrafieh, mon père et mon granp-père étaient d’Ashrafieh, maintenant même plusieurs habitants d’Ashrafieh pensent que je suis Palestinien, mais je pense tout simplement que l’on ne peut pas être humain et négliger la Palestine. Donner la parole aux victimes, voilà le plus grand droit que je … Continue reading