Report on Popular movement in Palestine 20/11/2010

21/11 One Palestinian Youth, Five Solidarity Activists Arrested in Beit Ommar Demonstration              
Beit Ommar, Southern West Bank. One 14-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammad Awad, two internationals volunteering with P.S.P., and three Israeli solidarity activists were arrested by Israeli Forces during a peaceful demonstration against Karmei Tsur, an illegal Israeli settlement built on Beit Ommar land.
19/11Nabi Saleh’s Demonstration
This Friday in Nabi Saleh the Israeli border police used its stink water tank in the center of the village, as a clear and gross collective punishment measure against the entire village for Friday demonstrations. The stink water is a foul-smelling liquid that makes it unbearable to live in the place where it is squirted on for at least one week. It is not officially intended for use inside a populated area, but that has been its use against Nabi Saleh residents and demonstration in the past, and this gross attack is now being retained.The demonstration in Nabi Saleh against the creeping annexation of land by the Halamish settlement started with an immediate unprovoked attack by Israeli border police on a peaceful and non-violent march. Following this attack, clashes erupted, with some stone-throwers attempting to ward off the army incursion. Nevertheless the army manage to position itself just outside the village’s built area and shot its tear gas canisters towards the village, repressing also non-protesting civilians.Throughout the demonstration the Israeli army has shot tear gas canisters directly at the protesters, a dangerous conduct which violates even the army’s own regulations. Rubber-coated still bullets were also widely used by the army. As a result at least 10 protesters suffered from non-serious injuries.
19/11 Bil’in -West Bank
One citizen was wounded and dozens suffered tear gas inhalation due to the clashes that took place in the village of Bil’in. Peace activists and international supporters marched alongside village residents …in the weekly demonstration against the wall and settlements, and in solidarity with activist Abdullah Abo Rahma, who was refused release by the Israeli military court of Ofer even after his sentence expired.
The march participants carried Palestinian flags and pictures of  Abdullah Abo Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, and chanted slogans condemning the policy of occupation, settlement expansion, and repression against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. They also chanted slogans condemning the attacks on the houses of Jerusalem, plus calls to stop the policy of deportation
and exclusionand to release all detainees and political prisoners, particularly those involved in the non-violent resistance.
The demonstrators marched from the village while calling for unity and rejection of differences, and confirmed the need for a resounding Palestinian resistance to occupation and freedom for Palestine.
The march headed toward the wall, where the military force of the Israeli occupation army was waiting behind the concrete blocks of the wall. They had closed the gate of the wall with barbed wire. The army
fired sound bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at them from all directions, resulting in injury to Kamel Khatib (18 years), who was shot in the hip by a rubber-coated metal bullet. Dozens of
participants experienced suffocation and the effects of tear gas inhalation.
The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in calls for condemnation of the military court’s refusal to release Abdullah Abu Rahma, and appeals to the international community and international human rights
organizations to stand next to Abdullah Abu Rahma, whose prison term has expired yet still remains in jail
19/11, Al-Ma’sara village
After Friday prayers, dozens of Palestinian and international activists marched on the streets of Al-Ma’sara carrying Palestinian flags. The Occupation Army blocked the road and prevented them from reaching their confiscated lands. As soon as the non-violent demonstration reached the entrance of the village, the Israeli soldiers throw sound bombs.The peace activists were not intimidated and didn’t leave their ground continuing demanding their right to access their lands. After a while, the soldiers dispersed the crowd using tear gas. No one was arrested or injured but many suffered from inhaling tear gas.The solders continue inside the village following the protesters deeply in the village This demonstration come in the 22n anniversary of  the announcement of the Palestinian state
17/11: Palestinian activist released.
Wa’el al-Faqeeh was released from Israeli prison today and is back in his Nablus home. The International Solidarity Movement strongly condemned his arrest, which marked an escalation in Israeli targeting of Palestinian popular resistance leaders. Wa’el has been a irreplaceable grassroots organizer in the Nablus area and we are ecstatic that he has been released. He is back in Nablus and is ready to continue his reign as Chess champion.                                                                      
17/11 Settlers Set Saffa Ablaze, 3 Palestinians Arrested While Extinguishing the Fire
Last night settlers from the Bat Ayn settlement set fire to 70 olive trees in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. The trees belonged to the Thalji Aady family, who has been subject to frequent settler violence and military harassment. The fire was lit around 9:30 pm, and burned for 3 hours before fire trucks from the village were able to extinguish the flames. At 11:00 pm 3 military jeeps arrived and attempted to prevent villagers from extinguishing the fire, arresting 3 Palestinian youth in the process.
For the past two weeks solidarity activists have been arrested accompanying farmers to their land in Saffa, and tear gas was shot at a larger group of supporters that joined the farmers last Saturday. Farmers who went to their land in Saffa without international accompaniment last Tuesday were detained for five hours and threatened with arrest if they returned
Video: activist chant against apartheid outside Tel Aviv opera
15/11. Five  international activists arrested while accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa
Five international activists were arrested this morning while accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. For the third time this week a group of about 10 Palestinian and international activists accompanied Sheik Muhammad Aady to his land near the Bat Ayn settlement. The army has been preventing the farmers in Saffa from accessing the land, which is marked for annexation.                    
The volunteers worked for nearly an hour clearing the land before they were stopped by a group of soldiers. The soldiers informed the group that they were all under arrest, took the IDs of several of the activists, and escorted the group back to the houses at the edge of the land. All five international activists were put into military jeeps and taken to the police station in the Gush Etzion settlement, where they were held for 7 hours. One of the activists was hit in the head by a soldier while being arrested, and sustained minor injuries.
The activists were charged with being in a closed military zone, despite never being informed of this prior to their arrest, and were banned from entering Saffa for two weeks. According to a supreme court ruling in 2004 the closed military zone order cannot legally be applied to the Palestinians who own the land, making their removal from the land illegal by Israeli law.                                                                          
Six international activists were arrested last Sunday while accompanying farmers to their land in Saffa, and tear gas was shot at a much larger group that joined the farmers this Saturday. Farmers who went to their land in Saffa without international accompaniment on Tuesday were detained in their land for five hours and threatened with arrest if they returned. Despite the fact that all the farmers have documents proving their ownership of the land, the military has been claiming that the land is “unregistered,” indicating their intention to annex it to the Bat Ayn settlement.
12/11 Video of protests at An Nabi Salih and Ni’ilin
11/11 Al-Ma’sara village
 In the 6th anniversary of Arafat death tens of Palestinians joined by internationals and Israelis in the weekly demo in Al-Ma’sara village. When the people arrived at the entrance of the village the solders prevent them from reaching their land. The protesters walked together from the center of the village towards the land which will be separated and destroyed by the Apartheid Wall, carrying Palestinian flags. As soon as the demonstrators arrived at the entrance of the village they faced the solders face to face then the solders bush them in a violent way trying to arrest some activists and journalists. Speeches were held by members of the Fatah movement, in the area of south Bethlehem by Jumah zawahra.
11/11 Beit Ommar
Soldiers tear gassed at a girl elementary school in Beit Ommar yesterday morning following a student demonstration commemorating the anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death. Three hundred students ages 7 to 15 marched from the Beit Ommar il-Assasiyya boys’ school to the checkpoint at the entrance of the village waving Palestinian flags and chanting against the occupation. Several students gave speeches in memory of Yasser Arafat. Soldiers responded by shooting teargas and sound bombs into Zaharet il-madayim, a Palestinian girl’s elementary school, and into the preschool next door. 30 girls ages 3 to 13 suffered tear gas inhalation. This morning marked the third time in the past two years that soldiers have shot tear gas into the school.
9/11 Video raid on Bilin
8/11 Al Walaja Court sentence, Mazen Qomsieyh ‘s testimony
The Israeli judges of the “supreme court” today seemed at first sympathetic to the plight of the villagers of Al-Walaja whose houses are being surrounded on all sides as they get separated from their agricultural lands(and all their water sources). But the system was clearly stacked against natives. Half the people who were slated to go from Al-Walaja to the court were denied entry to Jerusalem where the court is held (this includes people impacted directly like farmer Abu Nidal, the village council head, other members of the village council, and me!). The judges ruled to postpone for another hearing in 45 days and allowed the apartheid government to continue building the wall in the meantime! This is to give the government time to come-up with confiscation orders for land that will be now on the other sideo f the wall (maybe even the graves of Abu Nidal’s family members). My wife and many international observers attended the hearings but it was all in Hebrew and so they could not understand much of what was going on. With Israeli Zionist judges using Zionist laws (contrary to International law) and judging between the Israeli Zionist government and native occupied Palestinians, it is hard to be optimistic about the legal discourse (but it is attempted anyway and must be accompanied by other actions).
There are other cases of abortion of justice in the past week: [Israel] Supreme Court ruling allows Jews-only housing in Jaffa [Arab] neighborhood                                                                                                                                                
Israeli court in Haifa continues the charade and killing prospects of justice for murdered Rachel Corrie (a victim of the apartheid state).

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