A movement is born: Viva the students and the struggle continues!

On the 10th November a movement is born, a movement of protest against the austerity policy of the Conservative and Liberal Democrats (Con Dem) coalition, and especially against the cuts in higher education and the rise in tuition fees, from 3200£ to 9000£. This movement is lead by the students and they are the one who … Continue reading

A Message From Abdullah Abu Rahmah on International Human Rights Day

A year ago tonight, on International Human Rights Day, our apartmentin Ramallah was broken into by the Israeli military in the middle ofthe night and I was torn away from my wife Majida, my daughters Lumaand Layan, and my son Laith, who at the time was only nine monthsold. As the coordinator of the Bil’in … Continue reading

Hey Governments! Remember the Red Ribbon? Put It Back On!

Today is World AIDS Day, a day where everyone is invited to reflect on HIV and AIDS, and the impact the pandemy has had so far on humanity as a whole. This year’s thematic for WAD is Universal Access and Human Rights. Universal Access means universal access to the Anti-RetroVirals, a combination of drugs that, … Continue reading