Tunisia, Egypt and the region: will the Revolution continue and spread?

The call for change and revolution from Tunisia has actually echoed to the masses and spread to other countries of the region, especially Egypt where we witnessed huge demonstrations, gathering to 15000 to 50000 people, throughout the country against the regime on Tuesday 25th of January. The demonstrations were organized by the ‘ Movement of … Continue reading

In memory of Gaza, UCL event

Comrades, Brothers and sisters We are gathered tonight to condemn the Israeli massacre which caused the death of 1400 men and women, including 300 children, while 6000 Palestinians injured two years ago, as well as 60 years of Israelis violation of Human rights against the Palestinians and people of the regions. The Gaza strip and … Continue reading

Tunisia : where is the revolution heading?

Tunisia’s Yasmin revolution is at a crossroad; will the wind of protest stop with the fall of Ben Ali and the composition of a “unity government” already weakened by the resignation of four ministers? Or will the mobilization continue in order to impose a new form of governing system? The question is basically will we … Continue reading

Tunisia: a Revolution begins

The president Ben Ali has left the country amid violent protests and the prime minister has taken over control of the government. Tunisian Parliament President, Fouad Mebazaa, was declared interim president Saturday by the Constitutional Council ruling out the possibility of a return to the head of state Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who fled … Continue reading

Tunisia: Protests and repression continues

The mobilization of the Tunisian people since Tuesday did not decrease and on the opposite it continues to shake the pillars of the authoritarian regime of Ben Ali which appears increasingly fragile. The authorities are on their side increasing repression towards the protesters and political activists. For the first time, the army and its armored … Continue reading

Tunisia and Algeria: the wind of anger rises

President Ben Ali’s promise on Televison yesterday night to create 300 000 jobs in the next two years will not appease the feeling of anger that blows among the Tunisian population. The mobilization and the protests in Tunisia over high unemployment and cost of living have actually been ongoing since the 17th of December 2010.  … Continue reading