In memory of Gaza, UCL event

Comrades, Brothers and sisters

We are gathered tonight to condemn the Israeli massacre which caused the death of 1400 men and women, including 300 children, while 6000 Palestinians injured two years ago, as well as 60 years of Israelis violation of Human rights against the Palestinians and people of the regions.

The Gaza strip and its population have suffered and is still suffering of an on going criminal embargo from the Israelis since June 2007, leaving the Palestinian population of Gaza in great need and the consequences are harsh and terrible for the people of Gaza in every possible way.
This illegal and criminal embargo has been implemented with no reaction from the International Community to end the blockade and ease the life of the population. We therefore condemn the International Community for its collaboration in this crime, and once again for it poor respect for Human rights.
To authoritarian and corrupted Arab regimes complicit with Israelis actions, the countdown has started for you, Tunisia has shown the way. Every victory of arab masses against their regime is a victory for Palestine. We salute the Tunisians people today for their courage and determination.   
I would like also to remind through this event we show our support for all the Palestinian people without any distinctions, from Gaza, to the West Bank, passing through the Palestinians of 48, who are living increasingly in a racist atmosphere in their own land, and in never forgetting the Palestinians refugees, wherever they are. We will always support you until the completion and the implementation of all the rights of the Palestinian people.
There is no neutrality in this conflict; the only right position is to condemn Israeli racist behavior, the occupation, the colonisation and the apartheid system. As activist we are very often accused of being biased, but is being objective and moderate means therefore no condemnation of occupation, of the colonization, of the apartheid system, of daily discrimination and not recalling International Law to solve the conflict? No on the opposite the so called objective and moderate are the subjective and the radical that do not want to condemn the terrible reality of Israel criminal behavior.
For those who stress you to listen to both sides of history, or to have debates as equal partner with Zionist groups. I answer that there is no comparison or equality between the occupier and the occupied, between the colonizer and the colonized, between the oppressor and the oppressed. There was no equality during the South African Apartheid or during the colonization of Algeria by France;   it’s the same for Palestine. Zionism is a colonial, racist and imperial movement, we should never forget it.
How can we compare the struggle for freedom, justice and equality against the struggle to occupy, to dominate and colonize? How can we give the same weight to these struggles?

 In conclusion, Palestine is very often portrayed as an Arab or Muslim cause; it is far more than this according to me. The Palestinian struggle is in my opinion the cause of any man being discriminated because of its name, religion, color, of any men left out by the globalization, of any men whose lands have been stolen, and this all over the world. The Palestinian struggle is a humanist struggle which has no borders. And this is proven tonight.

 The Palestinian issue forces us to reflect on what is our role in this tragedy: are we going to stay silent in front Israeli crimes? Will our conscience accept this?
I tell you Palestine is our conscience and we should never forget our conscience!
Thank you Long life for Palestine!

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