Call for solidarity from Bahrain’s Democratic Progressive Forum

Dear comrades and comrades, 
Security forces raided at dawn today the Pear square, the center of protests in the Bahraini capital Manama, and used all means of force, including exploding bullets, to disperse the protestors and to seize of the square. This led to the deaths of at least 5 people and injuring hundreds of others. They also surrounded the Sulamanieyh hospital where was supposed to be transported the wounded and the martyrs. The Bahraini people’s protests were peaceful with all the sense of the word. 

We are calling for reform, social justice and negotiation with the executive power. The video footage showed the launch of a peaceful crowd chanting as they receive a barrage of rubber bullets and fission and tear gas. 
Everything was normal until 1 am, but then the treacherous security forces attacked the protesters, including women and children, and beat the correspondents and foreign media and their cameras were confiscated. 

The security forces are still surrounding numbers of entrances to villages and searching homes. : What were seen dozens of tanks deployed in different areas of Bahrain and was nominated news on the use of Saudi military. 
We invite you to call for a demonstration of solidarity in front of Bahrainis embassies or any of the headquarters of the Organization of the United Nations and send messages of protest to the embassies of Bahrain and international agencies in your countries, on Friday 18 February at 3 in the afternoon. 

That the Bahraini people need in these times the courage to struggle this tyrannical regime. 

Hussein Ureybi 

Coordinator General for External Relations 

Progressive Democratic Forum

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