The theology of liberation

Michael Löwy (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1938) is a French-Brazilian Marxist sociologist and philosopher. He is presently the research director in social sciences at the CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) and lectures at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS; Paris, France).  He is also a member of the French political party Nouveau … Continue reading

I’m a Feminist, Have No Fear

 This week end, the Swiss Union Solidarités held its Spring University, with a programme packed with sessions ranging from the study of the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East to the current situation in Spain, to Liberation Theology mouvements in Latin America. I of course, being the slight feminism obsessed person that I … Continue reading

The Nakba day or “the bloody Sunday”

On Sunday, 15 May 2011, tens of thousands of Palestinians and others marked the Nakba anniversary by marching to the borders with Israel in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Palestinian, political factions and popular organizations in Palestine and throughout the Middle East and across the world, participated in various coordinated actions to commemorate the Nakba day, … Continue reading

What about Fatah and Hamas reconciliation agreement?

Under the auspices of Egypt, delegations from the Fatah and Hamas movements met in Cairo on April 27, 2011 to discuss the issues concerning ending the political division and the achievement of national unity. Palestinian factions led by the two rivals Fatah and Hamas finally sealed the 4th May, a reconciliation agreement in Cairo. Representatives … Continue reading