A visit to Gaza, still not free from the odious and illegal siege

I had the chance to spend six days in the Gaza strip from the 12t of June to the 18th June with a delegation of student from Goldsmith University in London.  This trip was planned by Goldsmith students in collaboration with the Islamic University of Gaza, which is the largest in the Gaza strip reaching … Continue reading

Osez Le Féminisme, ou Itinéraire d’une campagne ratée

La campagne Osez le Clito du réseau Osez le Féminisme, bien que certainement louable dans ses buts et objets ultimes, me fait réfléchir en tant que féministe. Tout d’abord, et ce pour prévenir toute interprétation faussée de mon point de vue, je tiens à préciser qu’en tant qu’activiste pour les droits sexuels et la santé … Continue reading

Women and Sexual Harassment: Reclaiming Our Spaces

When I started working in a big international organisation, I had my head filled with dreams and ideals, eager to partake in the global effort for human rights and humanitaran relief. Right, that was before the director two offices from mine started talking to my boobs. The worst part of this anecdote was that I … Continue reading

Thou Shalt Not Let Yourself Be: Women and Cultural Imperialism

 For Aika, Marie-Claude and Caterina, my sisters in arms against Imperialism I’ve been meaning to write about cultural imperialism and how it affects women for some time now. It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon when three women (a Kenyan/Tanzanian, an Haitian/Swiss and a Lebanese) were watching a silly movie revolving around mixed race relationships. … Continue reading

Naksa day or another bloody Sunday!

The Israeli occupation army killed at least 23 people, including woman and a 12-year-old boy, and wounded more than 350 after Israeli forces opened fire along the frontier to disperse pro-Palestinian demonstrators attempting to enter the Israel-occupied portion of the Syrian Golan Heights. The deaths occurred as the protesters marching from the Golan Heights approached the Israel-occupied … Continue reading

Obama’s speeches or the reaction of imperialism against Arab revolutions!

Obama’s two last speeches have symbolized the reaction of imperialist powers against Arab revolutions which are challenging their political and economic interests and above all of their close ally Israel. It is not a surprise therefore to have seen Egypt and Tunisia invited to the G8 by the imperialist and rich powers to discuss of … Continue reading