Where are the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian revolutionary process?

Amid continued protest in Egypt and the formation of a new government a week ago before the pressure of the popular movement in the country, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s position continue to be source of debate and critic for Egyptians and others. The MB was the largest opposing party during Moubarak era and became the … Continue reading

UN Women vs WE, the Women

In July 2010, The United Nations general Assembly created UN Women, a United Nations agency aiming at Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. UN Women has been created after an important mobilisation of various organisations to have a UN Agency dedicated to the advancement of women’s rights (gathered under the umbrella of the GEAR Campaign), rather … Continue reading

Egypt: the revolution will not stop

The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has reshuffled his government in front increasing popular pressure and mobilizations. The Egyptian people are now more and more targeting the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) for their inability to implement the demands of the revolution, while protesters have repeatedly these past 10 days raised slogans for … Continue reading

Are Hezbollah and Hamas a new version of the Theology of Liberation?

(To view a short history of the Theology of Liberation: http://cafethawra.blogspot.com/2011/05/theology-of-liberation.html) The question has been going for a while now in academic circles in the West and in the Middle East, but also among the left, on the issue of a form of religious based progressist movement in the Arab world. Some on the left and … Continue reading