Who is the Interim Transitional National Council and what’s next for Libya?

Qaddafi’s regime is on the verge of falling and living its last hours after the takeover of the capital Tripoli by Libyans opposition forces with the help of NATOs forces and presumably MI6 officers on the ground advising the rebels on the strategy behind the operation, in a plan drawn up weeks ago. The fall … Continue reading

Oil rush in Libya

The continuing NATO intervention in Libya has been driven by a number of political and economic factors, one of which is the aim of securing control of oil supplies. That means establishing security over major fields, pipelines, refineries and ports in the country. Libya’s former top oil official Shokri Ghanem, who defected from Gaddafi’s government … Continue reading

HIV in the Middle East: Everyone’s Business

This article has also been published on ilouban After reading an article on L’Orient-Le Jour by Nada Merhi on HIV (which by the way is an excellent thing in itself as the subject very rarely makes the mainstream media in Lebanon), I feel there is a need for us to re-humanize the HIV epidemic in … Continue reading

Palestinian State in September? Statehood is not enough for full freedom!

The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) has announced few months ago its will to seek the recognition of a Palestinian state, according to 1967 borders, at the United Nations. The UN Security Council will discuss this issue at its scheduled meeting, where the US is expected to exercise its veto against the proposal. The illegitimate, his mandate … Continue reading