Palestine: airstrikes on Gaza

The Israeli Occupation army killed 13 Palestinians and injured 21 in a series of airstrikes on Friday March 9. They bombed civilians including children, in a series of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip in Gaza city, Rafah, Nusirat and Jabalya.     
In these airstrikes, Israel assassinated the leader of a Palestinian resistance faction Zuhair al-Qessi, the head of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Al-Qessi was elected chief of the PRC last August after Israel killed his predecessor in an airstrike in the southern Gazan town of Rafah. The movement’s armed wing, the Salaheddin Brigades, threatened Israel of a “crushing response”.
In this attack, Mahmoud Hanani, a former prisoner released last year in an Israeli-Hamas prisoner exchange deal also died in the blast, while a third person was injured. He is the first of the 1,000 Palestinian prisoners freed in the deal to be killed by an Israeli strike.
Witnesses said Israeli drones were seen hovering above just moments before al-Qaissi’s vehicle burst into flames. The intensity of the blast was so fierce that al-Qaissi’s head detached as a result, they said.
The Al Quds Brigades, part of Islamic Jihad group, said that strikes on the east side of Gaza city had killed its members Obeid al-Gharabli, Mohammed Harara, Hazem Qoureqa and Shadi Seqali. It said that another two of its members, Fayeq Saad and Moatasem Hajaj, were also killed in other strikes.
In addition to the high profile strike, Israeli war jets carried out series of attacks at empty military training camps throughout the seaside strip and targeted a garage in Yarmouk Street, in Gaza.
Israel routinely carries out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, despite Hamas observing a tacit truce and not answering any of these attacks and even preventing anyone to respond to these attacks.
The Palestinian Authority condemned the strikes, saying it had created a “negative environment” that would “escalate the circle of violence in the region,” according to a statement released by the official Palestinian WAFA news agency. “The recent Zionist escalation is an unjustified crime, it comes as a part of the destabilisation of a stable security situation in the Gaza Strip” the Hamas-run Gaza government’s interior ministry said in a statement.
The Israeli military said in a statement that Qaisi “was among the leaders who planned, funded and directed” a deadly cross-border attack into southern Israel from Egypt’s Sinai last August.
The statement added that both the dead men were “responsible for planning a combined terror attack that was to take place via Sinai in the coming days.”It said that other strikes were aimed at men about to fire rockets into Israel.
Should we not ask for a No Fly Zone in Gaza which would forbid Israeli planes to bomb civilians? If we follow Western imperialist logic of Humanitarian intervention, should we not ask for a no fly zone to protect Palestinians? Where are the Western governments and press to speak about the atrocities of the Israeli occupation army? Oh sorry I forgot yes there is the other logic: When Israel bombs Palestinians and Arabs its fine and it’s not a problem for the West! This logic never fails apparently!
Viva a Free Palestine

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