Free Salameh Kaileh and all the political prisoners in Syria!

article published on by Omar S. Dahi and Vijay Prashad At 2am on Tuesday April 24, the Palestinian-Syrian intellectual and activist Salameh Kaileh was arrested from his home “without explanation,” as his lawyer Anwar Bunni of the Syrian Centre for Legal Studies and Research put it. This is not Salameh Kaileh’s first time in a Syrian prison. … Continue reading

البحرين، أو الثورة التي ترفض الرضوخ

نشر في‫:‬الجمعة, نيسان 2012,20, عبارة “العمل المعتاد” تعكس تماما إرادة متزايدة للسلطات البحرينية، الحكومات الغربية، مرورا بوسائل الإعلام العالمية كالجزيرة، وصولا إلى دول الخليج لإخفاء حالة الهبّة الشعبية في البحرين. فبطولة العالم في الفورمولا واحد، التي سينظمها الاتحاد الدولي للسيارات ستجرى في نهاية هذا الأسبوع- بين 20 نيسان و22 منه- بحسب ما أعلن رئيس الاتحاد … Continue reading

The Lebanese authorities detain activists Ali Latifa Fakhry and activist/ blogger Khodor Salameh while they were doing some graffiti in Beirut. They were stopped by the Lebanese army and taken to the Military Police station next to Matthaf! They continue to be under arrest. There is a solidarity protest right now in Beirut check hashtags … Continue reading

Blogging at the AWID Forum

I’m attending the AWID Forum on transforming economic power to achieve social justice and gender equality taking place in Istanbul from the 19th to the 22nd of April. I’ll be live tweeting from @cafethawra and blogging for the Young Feminist Wire: Here’s the first article, this post will be regularly updated! Stay Tuned!

Bahrain, or the Revolution that will not stay silent.

The expression “Business as usual” could resume the feeling and statements regarding the revolution in Bahrain by nearly the whole world from the Bahraini authorities, to the Western governments, passing through international Medias such as Al Jazeera and finally the Gulf states of the region. The Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP) has been confirmed by … Continue reading

On Stitching Beirut Back Together or Another 13th of April Story

This week end was the commemoration of the start of the Lebanese civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990. I’d refer you to a history book to get all the details of how it started, what happened, how alliances were made and broken, except that us Lebanese may have cooked the biggest Hummus ever, … Continue reading

Tunisia and Al Nahda movement

This is the second article of a series on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) movement in the Middle East and North Africa region ( Please check the first article to understand the context in which this paper is written. Again I would like to precise before starting this article that this analysis is focusing on a … Continue reading

Palestine’s Land Day: We will not forget

Palestinians and their supporters around the world organised demonstrations, across 80 different countries, to mark Palestinian Land Day on 30 March.  Land Day is commemorated every year to reaffirm the attachment of the Palestinian people to their lands and their rejection of the Israeli occupation and its illegal settlements. The origin of this event is … Continue reading