About Café Thawra

We research.

We wonder.

We think.

We argue.

We write.

We share.

Then we do it all all over again.

One Response to “About Café Thawra”
  1. Hugo van Randwyck says:

    Hello Cafe Thawra,
    Maybe some of your blog readers could be interested in this initiative.

    The initiative supports Voter Registraton Cards for all refugees and
    diaspora, showing town and district of origin, e.g. Haifa, Acre, Jaffa.
    Also using Out of Country Voting (OCV), with international observers and
    recognition and also media reporting.


    Youtube video, in English:

    Youtube in Arabic:

    and a new article on This Week In Palestine:

    Could you suggest people I could talk to/contact with ideas for spreading
    the idea below? Also to refugees in camps?
    I am working with a Palestinian, Basema Salman, based in Holland.
    Many thanks for any help.

    Kind regards,

    Hugo van Randwyck

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