Tunisia and Al Nahda movement

This is the second article of a series on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) movement in the Middle East and North Africa region (http://cafethawra.blogspot.com/2012/03/muslim-brotherhoods-force-of-change-and.html). Please check the first article to understand the context in which this paper is written. Again I would like to precise before starting this article that this analysis is focusing on a … Continue reading

Revolution and counter-revolution in the Arab world

It is one year since the revolutionary process in the Middle East and north Africa began. We can now observe a struggle between the counter-revolutionary forces of Western imperialists and their regional clients, led by Saudi Arabia, and the popular movements. The counter-revolutionary forces are trying to stop the wind of change led by the … Continue reading

What Future for Tunisia?

Tunisia has held the first elections in the region since the beginning of the Arab revolutions in January. They are Tunisia’s first free elections where the outcome is not pre-determined since 1956.The winning party in these elections are the Islamists of Al Nahda claiming 30-40% of the votes, followed by the centre left parties the … Continue reading