The domino effect or the unstoppable Arab Revolution!

Popular uprisings in the Arab world are continuing to spread to other authoritarian and corrupt regimes with unstoppable ferocity and determination. Following the resignation of Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Egypt’s Mubarak, we are witnessing the domino effect with such clarity, that every dictatorship in the region is now shaking with fear of popular movements. But … Continue reading

The pharao is down! First victory of the Revolution!

Vice President Omar Suleiman announced Friday in a televised address that Hosni Mubarak was stepping down, and had handed over authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Powers have been transferred to the army following a wave of mobilisation over the past 18 days, millions of people demanding the overthrow not only of … Continue reading

The Revolution must go on!

In Egypt, the regime has tried different means to put an end to the protest movement since last Friday, which saw millions gathering throughout the country. Mubarak is alternating between concessions and repression to end the popular movement, but without using violence openly. The army tried to clear Tahrir Square on Sunday but was stopped … Continue reading

The people want to overthrow the regime!

This is the slogan of the Egyptian people, a chant echoed by other popular movements in the region. Not so-called ‘peaceful transitions’ or ‘reforms’, as announced by Mubarak and other authoritarian regimes supported by western imperialism. The revolutionary movements in these countries are not ready to step down from pushing their demands, in favour of … Continue reading

Revolution has entered the Arab dictionary.

Revolution is no longer a simple theory we use, in the Arab world, to explain foreign or past events. It now means something to the masses. The word revolution is on the lips of every citizen in the region, while its echoes can be heard throughout the world. Tunisia’s revolutionary process has had huge impact … Continue reading

Tunisia and Algeria: the wind of anger rises

President Ben Ali’s promise on Televison yesterday night to create 300 000 jobs in the next two years will not appease the feeling of anger that blows among the Tunisian population. The mobilization and the protests in Tunisia over high unemployment and cost of living have actually been ongoing since the 17th of December 2010.  … Continue reading