Debates around the second round of the Egyptian presidential elections

The results of the presidential elections in Egypt were a victory for the elites both of the older regime and of the ones backing the Muslim Brotherhoods.  Egypt has been divided since then between people and parties calling to vote for Morsi to make barrage to Shafiq, the man of the regime, while others have … Continue reading

Hard Times for the Left in Palestine

After a long journey in Palestine, the other half of Cafe Thawra is back to work. Our article brings us today to talk about the situation of the left in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Cafe Thawra has been able to meet a certain number of comrades all over the West Bank, with a fair majority … Continue reading

Examining the Palestinian Left at SOAS: Episode II

Anti Zionist left parties in Israel This section focuses on the different anti Zionist personalities or political parties inside Israel, whether Arab Israeli or Jewish. Those very courageous individuals or groups have to confront in their daily activism an Israeli society becoming increasingly intolerant and racist, as suggested by many of the speakers and as … Continue reading