L’Egypte après le vote sur la constitution ou la lutte continue

traduction de la photo : à gauche le grand “monstre” dit “je suis les Frères Musulmans” et à droite l’enfant dit “je suis la révolution” version allongée de l’article publié dans le Journal Solidarités : http://www.solidarites.ch/journal/d/article/5646 Le projet de Constitution défendu par les islamistes au pouvoir en Égypte a été approuvé par 63,8 % des votant(e)s, … Continue reading

Trade union struggles in the Middle East and North Africa

article published in : http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article2849 and translated in English from this article in French published in December 2012: https://cafethawrarevolution.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/les-luttes-syndicales-dans-les-revolutions-arabes/ Since the outbreak of the revolutionary in January 2011 and even before that, trade unionists, like workers throughout the region, played an important role in the struggles and the fall of the dictators. Remember that it was the … Continue reading

Les élections présidentielles égyptiennes et la poursuite du coup d’état militaire

(article publié avant le résultat du second tour des éléctions dans le journal SolidaritéS: http://www.solidarites.ch/journal/#article=d/article/5358/&sommaire=d/numero/0) Le second tour des élections présidentielles s’est déroulé dans une atmosphère tendue à la suite de plusieurs mesures contre-révolutionnaires pour tenter de mettre fin au processus débuté il y a plus d’un an maintenant. Il a vu s’affronter l’homme des militaires … Continue reading

Egypt presidential elections and the continuation of the military coup d’état!

As I am writing these lines, the second round of the presidential elections between the candidate Shafiq, considered by all as the representative of the old regime and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, and the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhoods Morsi is happening and elections polls are opened throughout Egypt. At 2.30 pm on … Continue reading

الثورة الدائمة، العدد ٢ – ربيع ٢٠١٢

http://prjournal.socialist-forum.org/node/35  نشر في محتويات هذا العدد  «الثورة الدائمة»، في عددها الثاني: هل ربحنا التحدي؟ – هيئة التحرير  المشكلة الطائفية في مصر والبديل العلماني الثوري – عاطف شحات سعيد – اشتراكي ثوري مصري  الطبقة العاملة والثورة المصرية – الاشتراكيون الثوريون (مصر)  ما الأسلم: الدخول في لعبة السيىء والأسوأ أم المقاطعة؟ – هيئة التحرير  «ما ينبغي قوله»، بعد عشرين سنة على … Continue reading

Egypt, the left and the first round of the elections

Our article is interested in the strategies and tactics of the different leftist parties during the first round of the election. A unified candidacy could have been possible and could have challenged the whole dynamics of the elections, especially following the great result of Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, who gathered the highest votes in Cairo … Continue reading

Debates around the second round of the Egyptian presidential elections

The results of the presidential elections in Egypt were a victory for the elites both of the older regime and of the ones backing the Muslim Brotherhoods.  Egypt has been divided since then between people and parties calling to vote for Morsi to make barrage to Shafiq, the man of the regime, while others have … Continue reading

Les travailleurs (euses) et les révolutions arabes.

Les processus révolutionnaires dans les pays du Moyen Orient et d’Afrique du Nord continuent malgré les difficultés et les tentatives nationales et internationales de limiter au maximum les objectifs des peuples de la région que ce soit au niveau démocratique et socio économique.  Dans cette mesure l’importance de la lutte des travailleurs-euses dans les soulèvements … Continue reading

May Day: An international celebration of solidarity

The revolutionary processes in the Middle East and North Africa are continuing despite the difficulties and the national and international attempts to limit the objectives of the peoples of the region whether on democratic and socio economic issues. The importance of the workers’ struggle in the uprisings is often neglected, while the depth of the … Continue reading

‫العمال والعاملات والثورات العربية‬

إزرع كل الأرض مقاومة|غرافيتي من تونس| ترجمه‫/‬ته الى العربية‫:‬ وليد ضو المصدر‫:http://www.al-manshour.org/node/1598‬ تتابع السيروة الثورية مسارها في دول الشرق الأوسط وشمالي أفريقيا على الرغم من عثرات ومحاولات لدول إقليمية ودولية للحد أهداف شعوب المنطقة على صعيد المطالب بإرساء حكم ديمقراطي أو تحقيق العدالة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية. في هذا الإطار من المفيد الإشارة إلى أن نضال العمال … Continue reading