Les élections présidentielles égyptiennes et la poursuite du coup d’état militaire

(article publié avant le résultat du second tour des éléctions dans le journal SolidaritéS: http://www.solidarites.ch/journal/#article=d/article/5358/&sommaire=d/numero/0) Le second tour des élections présidentielles s’est déroulé dans une atmosphère tendue à la suite de plusieurs mesures contre-révolutionnaires pour tenter de mettre fin au processus débuté il y a plus d’un an maintenant. Il a vu s’affronter l’homme des militaires … Continue reading

الثورة الدائمة، العدد ٢ – ربيع ٢٠١٢

http://prjournal.socialist-forum.org/node/35  نشر في محتويات هذا العدد  «الثورة الدائمة»، في عددها الثاني: هل ربحنا التحدي؟ – هيئة التحرير  المشكلة الطائفية في مصر والبديل العلماني الثوري – عاطف شحات سعيد – اشتراكي ثوري مصري  الطبقة العاملة والثورة المصرية – الاشتراكيون الثوريون (مصر)  ما الأسلم: الدخول في لعبة السيىء والأسوأ أم المقاطعة؟ – هيئة التحرير  «ما ينبغي قوله»، بعد عشرين سنة على … Continue reading

Debates around the second round of the Egyptian presidential elections

The results of the presidential elections in Egypt were a victory for the elites both of the older regime and of the ones backing the Muslim Brotherhoods.  Egypt has been divided since then between people and parties calling to vote for Morsi to make barrage to Shafiq, the man of the regime, while others have … Continue reading

What Future for Tunisia?

Tunisia has held the first elections in the region since the beginning of the Arab revolutions in January. They are Tunisia’s first free elections where the outcome is not pre-determined since 1956.The winning party in these elections are the Islamists of Al Nahda claiming 30-40% of the votes, followed by the centre left parties the … Continue reading

Iran: a victory which marks the end of an era?‏

The Iranian elections have caused a real passion inside its own population and also all over the world during these past few weeks. The outside world was astonished to discover such a vivid political life in a country presented as closed and back warded in the western media, while we at Cafe Thawra showed the opposite in … Continue reading

What outcomes of the Lebanese elections?

After several months of harsh campaign between the 8th and the 14th of March gathering, the Lebanese citizens have voted on the 7th June. The victory of the 14th March group is now clear, with 71 deputies against 57 for the opposition. Will these results open a new era for Lebanon? Nothing is less sure! … Continue reading

On the 7th of June, why would I vote blank!

During Easter vacation in Syria, I was talking with friends of mine living in Lebanon about the forthcoming Lebanese elections in June. The main topic: which side to choose? 8th or 14th of March? After a while of pro and anti arguments for each political group and according to each of one political sensibility, we … Continue reading

Invitation to view a photo from Paola’s Picasa Web Album – Diaporama Blog

You are invited to view a photo from Paola’s photo album: Diaporama Blog Lebanon: Elections coming soon, photos of whomever you want, wherever you want, but who really cares about the flag, the watan, the people? View Photo If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=PaolaDaher&target=PHOTO&id=5325357867964804354&aid=5272653157802665313&authkey=Gv1sRgCMfP65WD66nGmgE&invite=CP_D8KgF&feat=email … Continue reading