What does the West want in Libya?

Article written by Joseph Daher and John Rees The moment the UN passed the resolution to bomb Libya it was obvious what the West wanted: to get a foothold in the Arab revolutions and to maintain control of Libya’s oil.[1] Of these two aims getting some purchase on the revolutionary process in the Arab world … Continue reading

What does it mean to be an academic / activist?

Or in other words, in relation to the title of my presentation, “what is to be done to be an academic /activist?” I believe that in the world of today, being an activist as well as an academic is combining the theory and the practice of constant critic and mobilization for a society that respects … Continue reading

Western imperialism complicit in the repression of the people: Guns for the dictators!

Most of the authoritarian regimes in the Arab world not only have a warm relationship with Western governments, they are also good friends with arms manufacturers and oil firms. Muammar Gaddafi’s regime became a close political and economic client of Western governments in 2003, when he agreed to stop producing of weapons of mass destruction … Continue reading

A movement is born: Viva the students and the struggle continues!

On the 10th November a movement is born, a movement of protest against the austerity policy of the Conservative and Liberal Democrats (Con Dem) coalition, and especially against the cuts in higher education and the rise in tuition fees, from 3200£ to 9000£. This movement is lead by the students and they are the one who … Continue reading

Injustice and racism across Europe: thanks to capitalism and neo liberalism

Europe has witnessed an increasing privatization process, coupled with a dismantling of the welfare state, which started for over two decades. These processes have been accelerated since the beginning of the financial crisis in September 2008. The logical result of the financial crisis should have been a reassessment of the alleged “positive effects” of the … Continue reading

J Street and J Call: possible partners?

J Street and J Call (or the “European Jewish Call for Reason” petition) have been presented in the media as the voice for peace from respectively the American and European Jewish community. Leïla Shahid, the Palestinian general delegate at the European Union even declared that “through J Call we have a partner for the Palestinians” … Continue reading

Turkey, Standing on Its Own Two (Strong) Feet

Nowadays, Turkey seems to be the new darling of the Middle East: The Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri visits Turkey at the beginning of the year, relations between Damascus and Ankara has never been so close, Turkey has welcomed many officials from the region in Ankara for political or economic reasons and Turkish officials have been … Continue reading