Selective Summary of Key Challenges to Palestinian Socio-Economic and Civil Rights in Lebanon

By Wissam Saliby,  This presentation was given during the conference on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and in the OPTs in Geneva on November the 11th  According to its national report submitted as part of the UPR process, and as mentioned in its ministerial statement, the Lebanese Government undertook to continue to work to provide Palestinians … Continue reading

When Gaza Meets Geneva

Dull, too quiet, too neutral…Those are usually the words used to describe Geneva by people who don’t know it that well. However, I can assure you that yesterday evening, Geneva was everything but dull, as it bounced and moved to the sound of the Palestinian hip hop band DARG Team. DARG stands for the Da … Continue reading

WAD09, Solidarity, Awareness and Human Rights

Happy World AIDS DAY 2009 everyone! This morning, the whole Café Thawra Team (that’d be Joe and me) went on Place des Nations in Geneva and took part in the Human Red Ribbon co-organised by UNAIDS, International Organisations and civil society in Geneva. Despite the freezing cold, colleagues, friends, passers-by, stood in front of the … Continue reading