Are Hezbollah and Hamas a new version of the Theology of Liberation?

(To view a short history of the Theology of Liberation: The question has been going for a while now in academic circles in the West and in the Middle East, but also among the left, on the issue of a form of religious based progressist movement in the Arab world. Some on the left and … Continue reading

Conference on the book of Dr Gilbert Achcar “The Arabs and the Holocaust”

On the Tuesday 19th October 2010 I attended the conference entitled “Arabs and Israelis Facing the Holocaust and the Nakba” in SOAS University with Dr Gilbert Achcar presenting his book “The Arabs and the Holocaust” and the presence of a panel composed of Nur Masalha (Centre for Religion and History and the Holy Land Research Project, … Continue reading

Conférence autour du thème « antisionisme, antisémitisme, islamophobie » par Gilbert Achkar.

Ce vendredi soir 5 mars à la maison des associations, nous nous sommes rendu avec Paola à la Conférence du Professeur Gilbert Achkar de l’Université de SOAS autour du thème suivant : « Antisionisme, Antisémitisme, Islamophobie ». Cet événement est organisé par le groupe politique de la gauche anticapitaliste, avec le soutien de plusieurs associations … Continue reading

Examining the Palestinian Left at SOAS : Episode I

I was very excited a few weeks ago to come back to my beloved university SOAS and attend the conference about the Palestinian left organised there. I was also able to see my ex classmates, going back to our old debates regarding our beloved region: the Middle East. The subject of the conference was very … Continue reading