Sadly, not the delicious kind.  While the Arab world is shaken by an uprising against dictatorships and economic inequalities, Lebanon is shaken by a -now -common- internal political turmoil.  The crisis had been brewing up ever since the creation of the International Tribunal for Lebanon, an institution whose legitimacy has been (rightly so) severely questionned, … Continue reading

Rights Here. Right Now. For All.

As the world is getting ready for the XVIII International AIDS Conference to be held from July the 18th to the 23rd 2010 organised around the theme “Rights Here, Right Now”, the issue of injecting drug use finds itself under the spotlight. One of the conference’s aims is to carry on the conversation initiated in Mexico … Continue reading

Social entrepreneurship: No, not a joke

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with Lebanese-made clutches and clothes. Now, I need you to realise that this is quite a statement for me to make. For centuries, women who studied and fought for what they believed in were not supposed to care about mundane things such as clothes and shoes. But … Continue reading

The Middle East, Modern Slavery Hub

Back in the awful days of slavery, some Arab merchants took an important part in the slave trade between Africa, Europe and the New World. Centuries have passed, humanity has evolved (or in any case, is supposed to have evolved), and slavery now is of course considered eradicated, and what’s more, has been established as … Continue reading

A Coffee with Maya Zankoul

When Maya joins me for coffee on a sunny Thursday afternoon in Beirut, we have already tweeted, facebooked, texted and called each other. Thanks to Facebook and the 800 photos of me, she knows full well what I look like, but that doesn’t prevent me from texting her « I’ll be the girl in the … Continue reading

The Legal Basis of the International Tribunal for Lebanon: Challenges and Opportunities for International Criminal Law

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon opened its doors in The Hague on the 1st of March 2009, after many years of tiring legal and diplomatic procedures. While many observers welcomed this institution, stating that it constitutes a great achievement for Lebanon, others raised issues regarding the legal basis of the Tribunal. These issues lead to … Continue reading