UN Women vs WE, the Women

In July 2010, The United Nations general Assembly created UN Women, a United Nations agency aiming at Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. UN Women has been created after an important mobilisation of various organisations to have a UN Agency dedicated to the advancement of women’s rights (gathered under the umbrella of the GEAR Campaign), rather … Continue reading

The Egyptian Revolution spread to the Middle East

In the same way the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia strengthened the movement of protest in Egypt, the events from Cairo are encouraging people of the region, from Algeria to Bahrain to Yemen, to start or continue their struggle against their own authoritarian regime. Since the resignation of Mubarak last Friday night, power has been handed … Continue reading

Rights Here. Right Now. For All.

As the world is getting ready for the XVIII International AIDS Conference to be held from July the 18th to the 23rd 2010 organised around the theme “Rights Here, Right Now”, the issue of injecting drug use finds itself under the spotlight. One of the conference’s aims is to carry on the conversation initiated in Mexico … Continue reading

Iran: a victory which marks the end of an era?‏

The Iranian elections have caused a real passion inside its own population and also all over the world during these past few weeks. The outside world was astonished to discover such a vivid political life in a country presented as closed and back warded in the western media, while we at Cafe Thawra showed the opposite in … Continue reading

Iran, 30 years after the Revolution

In February 1979, the regime of the Shah was overthrown by a Revolution, conducted at the time by numerous parties, going from the Liberals, the Marxists, and the Nationalists to the Islamists. The population participated massively in this revolution, the opposition led by Khomeyni insisted on cultural authenticity, political participation and social justice. This emphasis … Continue reading

Hezbollah and Hamas: simple instruments of Iran?

The war on Gaza ended few days ago with a total of 1300 Palestinians killed, 80 % are civilians among whom 35 % are children, whereas the Israelis suffered from 13 casualties, 10 soldiers and 3 civilians. Specialists started to analyze the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip, few of them assured that Hamas … Continue reading