About a Feminist Collective…

Nasawiyas apply feminist analysis to their social justice work, meaning that they always have an eye on gender dynamics and oppression within social and political struggle, address the systematic structural problems rather than the symptoms, and place women’s experiences and voices as central to any solutions and activist work. Feminism is a learning process for all of us and we are … Continue reading

Live From Nahr El Bared

Yesterday, the Lebanese feminist collective Nasawiya organized an exhibition/evening/debate around what is currently happening in the northern Palestinian camp of Nahr El Bared. The event, Live From Nahr El Bared, was aimed at not only raise awareness on the situation in the camp, but also to give Palestinians a platform to give their insight of … Continue reading

‫لبنان أو التناقضات الداخلية‬

http://www.al-manshour.org/node/1877 نشر في‫:‬الثلثاء, حزيران 12, 2012  ترجمه‫/‬ته الى العربية‫:‬ وليد ضو الاشتباكات الأخيرة في طرابلس وبيروت بين عدد من المجموعات المسلحة وأحيانا مع الجيش فسرتها معظم وسائل الإعلام الدولية كامتداد للصراع السوري إلى لبنان. هذه الأخيرةانحصرت من خلال نزاعات مسلحة في أحياء طرابلس بين جبل محسن وباب التبانة، في حين اشتبكت مجموعات مسلحة مع الجيش في … Continue reading

Liban ou les contradictions internes

article publié dans le journal Le Courrier le 1er Juin 2012 (http://www.lecourrier.ch/joseph_daher) Les récents affrontements à Tripoli et à Beyrouth entre différents groupes armées et parfois l’armée également ont été interprétés par la grande majorité des médias internationaux comme une expansion du conflit syrien au Liban. Ces derniers se sont en effet concentré sur les … Continue reading

الثورة الدائمة، العدد ٢ – ربيع ٢٠١٢

http://prjournal.socialist-forum.org/node/35  نشر في محتويات هذا العدد  «الثورة الدائمة»، في عددها الثاني: هل ربحنا التحدي؟ – هيئة التحرير  المشكلة الطائفية في مصر والبديل العلماني الثوري – عاطف شحات سعيد – اشتراكي ثوري مصري  الطبقة العاملة والثورة المصرية – الاشتراكيون الثوريون (مصر)  ما الأسلم: الدخول في لعبة السيىء والأسوأ أم المقاطعة؟ – هيئة التحرير  «ما ينبغي قوله»، بعد عشرين سنة على … Continue reading

Move Over! We Don’t Need Your Feminism Now!

 Amidst the tension and clashes recently happening in Lebanon, I got to thinking about a million and one things, like, why do I feel so helpless? What is it that I can do? What is it that I’m willing to do? A thought crossed my mind, among the chaos of these never ending questionings: now … Continue reading

Plastic Capitalist

Capitalism and neoliberal ideologies just can’t help it: they love progressive ideologies so much they can’t help but recuperate them, tailor them to their needs and market them as their own, the result of course being a completely distorted set of values and principles that go mainstream faster than you can say “dollar”. Feminism is … Continue reading

On Stitching Beirut Back Together or Another 13th of April Story

This week end was the commemoration of the start of the Lebanese civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990. I’d refer you to a history book to get all the details of how it started, what happened, how alliances were made and broken, except that us Lebanese may have cooked the biggest Hummus ever, … Continue reading

Palestine’s Land Day: We will not forget

Palestinians and their supporters around the world organised demonstrations, across 80 different countries, to mark Palestinian Land Day on 30 March.  Land Day is commemorated every year to reaffirm the attachment of the Palestinian people to their lands and their rejection of the Israeli occupation and its illegal settlements. The origin of this event is … Continue reading

Your Choice: Your Career or Your Identity Or other stories of Empowerment, Lebanese Style

The new regulation adopted by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces to prevent women from wearing the hijab to work on the field has stirred a lot of debate and controversy in the highly sect-sensitive state of Lebanon. Invoking the military Code of Conduct that purportedly doesn’t allow any member of the security forces to wear … Continue reading