Egypt: parliament and revolution

Joseph Daher and John Rees report from Cairo as the new Egyptian parliament is sworn in.  Article also available on Counterfire ( The newly elected Egyptian parliament met for the first time yesterday. What does it mean for the revolutionary process in Egypt? The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has ruled Egypt since … Continue reading

Are Hezbollah and Hamas a new version of the Theology of Liberation?

(To view a short history of the Theology of Liberation: The question has been going for a while now in academic circles in the West and in the Middle East, but also among the left, on the issue of a form of religious based progressist movement in the Arab world. Some on the left and … Continue reading

Egypt and the formation of a new left party: interview with Tamer Wageeh

The revolutionary process in Egypt is ongoing. Last Friday demonstrations gathering hundreds of thousands of protesters were in Tahrir Square demanding the dismantling of the regime and the former ruling National Democratic Party. The resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq is one step in the right direction. He was replaced by former transport minister Essam … Continue reading

Hard Times for the Left in Palestine

After a long journey in Palestine, the other half of Cafe Thawra is back to work. Our article brings us today to talk about the situation of the left in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Cafe Thawra has been able to meet a certain number of comrades all over the West Bank, with a fair majority … Continue reading

Examining the Palestinian Left at SOAS : Episode I

I was very excited a few weeks ago to come back to my beloved university SOAS and attend the conference about the Palestinian left organised there. I was also able to see my ex classmates, going back to our old debates regarding our beloved region: the Middle East. The subject of the conference was very … Continue reading