La lutte continue!

Article publié dans le journal SolidaritéS 13 janvier 2012 (Genève, Les mouvements populaires au Moyen Orient et en Afrique du Nord continuent à se mobiliser pour faire avancer le processus révolutionnaire face aux tentatives des régimes en place de se maintenir par la répression et/ou des réformes superficielles, avec l’aide des impérialistes et de leurs … Continue reading

Le peuple demande

Le monde arabe a vécu une année 2011 des plus passionnantes pour toutes celles et ceux qui résistent et qui luttent à travers le monde. Les mouvements populaires, qui ont secoué les dictatures du Moyen-Orient et d’Afrique du Nord, ont eu un impact dans le monde entier. Les Indigné·e·s tirent leur inspiration des révolutions arabes. … Continue reading

Revolution and counter-revolution in the Arab world

It is one year since the revolutionary process in the Middle East and north Africa began. We can now observe a struggle between the counter-revolutionary forces of Western imperialists and their regional clients, led by Saudi Arabia, and the popular movements. The counter-revolutionary forces are trying to stop the wind of change led by the … Continue reading

The People Demand, a short history of the Arab revolutions

In this extract from their new book “The People Demand, a short history of the Arab revolutions”, John Rees and Joseph Daher (Café Thawra) consider the relationship between US imperialism and the popular uprisings across the Arab world. You can find and buy the book on the following link: John Rees and Joseph Daher … Continue reading

Who is the Interim Transitional National Council and what’s next for Libya?

Qaddafi’s regime is on the verge of falling and living its last hours after the takeover of the capital Tripoli by Libyans opposition forces with the help of NATOs forces and presumably MI6 officers on the ground advising the rebels on the strategy behind the operation, in a plan drawn up weeks ago. The fall … Continue reading

Oil rush in Libya

The continuing NATO intervention in Libya has been driven by a number of political and economic factors, one of which is the aim of securing control of oil supplies. That means establishing security over major fields, pipelines, refineries and ports in the country. Libya’s former top oil official Shokri Ghanem, who defected from Gaddafi’s government … Continue reading

Obama’s speeches or the reaction of imperialism against Arab revolutions!

Obama’s two last speeches have symbolized the reaction of imperialist powers against Arab revolutions which are challenging their political and economic interests and above all of their close ally Israel. It is not a surprise therefore to have seen Egypt and Tunisia invited to the G8 by the imperialist and rich powers to discuss of … Continue reading

What does the West want in Libya?

Article written by Joseph Daher and John Rees The moment the UN passed the resolution to bomb Libya it was obvious what the West wanted: to get a foothold in the Arab revolutions and to maintain control of Libya’s oil.[1] Of these two aims getting some purchase on the revolutionary process in the Arab world … Continue reading

State of Emergency declared and Saudi troops enter Bahrain to put down revolution

Today, Wednesday 16th of April, at least six people were reported dead and hundreds injured after security forces in Bahrain drove out protesters from the Pearl Roundabout in the capital, Manama. A 12-hour curfew came into force at 4pm in areas of the city including the Pearl Roundabout, the Bahrain Financial Harbour, and several other … Continue reading

Women in Revolutions : Paving the Future

We have seen their pictures, we have seen them shout and demand and support and lead the popular movements that have arisen throughout the Middle East : middle eastern women have utterly and truly proven that they were a force of the revolution. Though they have endorsed many roles within the group of demonstrators, it is … Continue reading