Girl Geek Camp Lebanon: Turning Women into Geekettes, one Tweet at a time

13 faces eagerly looking at you from behind their computers, all composed and serious. Welcome to the Nasawiya second Girl Geek Camp organised in the lovely Auberge Beity of Kfardebian, Lebanon from the 4th to the 8thof September. Over 5 days, about thirteen teenage girls between the age of 15 and 18 will be trained … Continue reading

Blogging away, Arab style

Café Thawra is a blog, as you all know now, trying to give an alternative view of the Middle East and explanations on different events happening in the region. We like to think, Paola and me, that this blog ables us to be closer to the Middle East and always remain in contact with the … Continue reading

A Coffee with Maya Zankoul

When Maya joins me for coffee on a sunny Thursday afternoon in Beirut, we have already tweeted, facebooked, texted and called each other. Thanks to Facebook and the 800 photos of me, she knows full well what I look like, but that doesn’t prevent me from texting her « I’ll be the girl in the … Continue reading