Obama’s speeches or the reaction of imperialism against Arab revolutions!

Obama’s two last speeches have symbolized the reaction of imperialist powers against Arab revolutions which are challenging their political and economic interests and above all of their close ally Israel. It is not a surprise therefore to have seen Egypt and Tunisia invited to the G8 by the imperialist and rich powers to discuss of … Continue reading

Obama’s Nobel Prize: An Arab perspective

Passionate debates on the web, in newspapers and more generally in the world Medias on Obama’s Nobel Peace prize granted last Friday have gone on for a few days now. Reactions from all over the world were manifested to the new successful laureate and especially from governments who mainly congratulated him. Civil society, personalities and … Continue reading

USA Foreign Politics, Obama and the Middle East: Change?

Obama’s election to the presidency of the United States marks the end of the Bush era, and represents a major evolution in terms of sociological impact in the American society. His campaign was based on the key word of “Change” and his victory brings up a lot of expectations for numerous American citizens, especially the … Continue reading