PA’s dependency on external actors, neo liberal policies and corruption (part II)

As we have seen in the first article (The Oslo predicament and the PA’s failure, collaboration and repression… the Oslo Agreement and Paris Protocol were designed in order to maintain the Palestinian economy just as before fully incorporated into and dependent upon the Israeli economy. In 2002 nearly a decade after the conclusion of the … Continue reading

Gaza under the siege

article published following an extended visit in February in Gaza for a month. An Arabic version is available in the newspaper “Thawra Dai’ma”  number 2: The last Israeli military offensive in March causing the deaths of more than 20 Palestinians and the ongoing electricity crisis prove that the Gaza strip is still not free from … Continue reading

Live From Nahr El Bared

Yesterday, the Lebanese feminist collective Nasawiya organized an exhibition/evening/debate around what is currently happening in the northern Palestinian camp of Nahr El Bared. The event, Live From Nahr El Bared, was aimed at not only raise awareness on the situation in the camp, but also to give Palestinians a platform to give their insight of … Continue reading

L’arme des ventres vides ou la résistance populaire du peuple palestinien

Article publié dans le journal SolidaritS, Mai 2012 ( Au cours des mois d’avril et de mai derniers, plus de 2000 prisonniers palestiniens se sont engagés dans une grève de la faim ouverte pour protester contre le traitement inhumain et illégal infligé par le Service pénitentiaire israélien (SPI). Certains prisonniers, comme Thaer Halahleh et Bilal … Continue reading

الثورة الدائمة، العدد ٢ – ربيع ٢٠١٢  نشر في محتويات هذا العدد  «الثورة الدائمة»، في عددها الثاني: هل ربحنا التحدي؟ – هيئة التحرير  المشكلة الطائفية في مصر والبديل العلماني الثوري – عاطف شحات سعيد – اشتراكي ثوري مصري  الطبقة العاملة والثورة المصرية – الاشتراكيون الثوريون (مصر)  ما الأسلم: الدخول في لعبة السيىء والأسوأ أم المقاطعة؟ – هيئة التحرير  «ما ينبغي قوله»، بعد عشرين سنة على … Continue reading

حماس وفتح أو الصراع من أجل السلطة

                                                                                                             2012 … Continue reading

Palestinians’ hunger strike, and Nakba Day!

More than 2000 prisoners engaged in a mass open-ended hunger strike in protest against the inhumane and illegal treatment meted out by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) since April 17 although a few had been fasting much longer – up to 77 days such as the prisoners Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Diab. They began their … Continue reading

Palestine’s Land Day: We will not forget

Palestinians and their supporters around the world organised demonstrations, across 80 different countries, to mark Palestinian Land Day on 30 March.  Land Day is commemorated every year to reaffirm the attachment of the Palestinian people to their lands and their rejection of the Israeli occupation and its illegal settlements. The origin of this event is … Continue reading

Urgent Call for action: Support Palestinian UN employee Khulood Badawi, currently under attack for expressing a personal opinion on her own Facebook page.

This post was originally published on: Support for OCHA Employee Khulood Badawi WEDNESDAY, 14 MARCH 2012 11:59 MICHAEL WARSCHAWSKI, ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION CENTER (AIC) Support Palestinian UN employee Khulood Badawi, currently under attack for expressing a personal opinion on her own Facebook page. Khulood Badawi is a field worker with the United Nations Office for the Coordination … Continue reading

Hamas and Fatah’s agreement: struggling for Palestine?

Fatah and Hamas may have agreed to form a new unity government, but their overriding interest is still to maintain their own power, not to defend the Palestinian people. In February this year, Fatah and Hamas signed an agreement in Doha, Qatar, to form a new unity government composed of ‘independent personalities’ and led by … Continue reading