The Oslo predicament and the PA’s failure, collaboration and repression… (Part I)

At the end of June, the EU and US-trained Palestinian Authority (PA) police, the mukhabarat and un-uniformed thugs attack on two consecutive days Palestinians protesting against the invitation of Israeli war criminal Shaul Mofaz to Ramallah. Mofaz was Chief-of-Staff of the IOF from 1998 until 2003, and then Israeli Defence Minister from 2003 until 2006, making … Continue reading

Egypt, the left and the first round of the elections

Our article is interested in the strategies and tactics of the different leftist parties during the first round of the election. A unified candidacy could have been possible and could have challenged the whole dynamics of the elections, especially following the great result of Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, who gathered the highest votes in Cairo … Continue reading

Debates around the second round of the Egyptian presidential elections

The results of the presidential elections in Egypt were a victory for the elites both of the older regime and of the ones backing the Muslim Brotherhoods.  Egypt has been divided since then between people and parties calling to vote for Morsi to make barrage to Shafiq, the man of the regime, while others have … Continue reading

A movement is born: Viva the students and the struggle continues!

On the 10th November a movement is born, a movement of protest against the austerity policy of the Conservative and Liberal Democrats (Con Dem) coalition, and especially against the cuts in higher education and the rise in tuition fees, from 3200£ to 9000£. This movement is lead by the students and they are the one who … Continue reading

Report on Popular movement in Palestine 20/11/2010

21/11 One Palestinian Youth, Five Solidarity Activists Arrested in Beit Ommar Demonstration               Beit Ommar, Southern West Bank. One 14-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammad Awad, two internationals volunteering with P.S.P., and three Israeli solidarity activists were arrested by Israeli Forces during a peaceful demonstration against Karmei Tsur, an illegal Israeli settlement built on Beit Ommar land. … Continue reading

Weekly report 08/07/2010: Popular movements in Palestine‏

Beit Jalla – Sunday 4-7-2010 Sunday, July 4th, in Beit Jala some 30 protesters marched through a street that leads to the apartheid wall’s construction site. To the sound of the working bulldozers near by, the march was stopped by a group of soldiers and a barbed wire they installed earlier. The protesters demanded to … Continue reading

Letters from imprisoned comrades and resistant

“Israel’s repression of its Palestinian citizens unites us in struggle.” Ameer Makhoul is a human rights defender, the director of the Arab nongovernmental organization network Ittijah, a leading voice of the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and a Palestinian citizen of Israel. He has been in Israeli detention since he was arrested from his … Continue reading

Weekly report 23/06/2010: Popular movements in Palestine

Beit Jala 20/06/2010Israeli occupation forces on Sunday 20th of June engaged in beatings, burning of fields, and attacking peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and reporters. Two young Palestinians were injured after severe beatings with hands and clubs (they were both near their homes and not participating in the demonstration). Several demonstrators were also roughed-up. Occupation enforcers also … Continue reading

Popular movements in Palestine: Weekly Report 15/06/2010

On Sunday 13/06/2010, Demonstration in Beit Jala, Israeli occupation forces acted violently, notably by hitting and shoving people. On Saturday 12/06/2010, Demonstration in Beit Ommar, international PSP activists were arrested. One was arrested at a protest in solidarity with the Flotilla, the second at a demonstration at the karmei Tsur settlement. Both were accused of … Continue reading

Palestine Popular Movements Reports

Reports on Popular Demonstration of Friday 7th of May in Bi’lin, Ni’lin, Al Ma’sara, Nabi saleh and others. In Nabi Saleh: A child and 8 more were arrested, some of them beaten by undercover Israeli soldiers during the demonstration; At around 18:00 when the demonstration in Nabi Saleh were in its last clashes with Israeli … Continue reading