Foundation of the Dera’a section of the Revolutionary Left Current

This document was published on the 13 December 2012, in “Front Line”, organ of the Revolutionary Left Current, It is translated from the Arabic by Luiza Toscane. ( The Dera’a branch of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria has been founded. It is made up of left activists and revolutionary Marxists, activists in the Syrian revolutionary movement … Continue reading

Trade union struggles in the Middle East and North Africa

article published in : and translated in English from this article in French published in December 2012: Since the outbreak of the revolutionary in January 2011 and even before that, trade unionists, like workers throughout the region, played an important role in the struggles and the fall of the dictators. Remember that it was the … Continue reading

The Oslo predicament and the PA’s failure, collaboration and repression… (Part I)

At the end of June, the EU and US-trained Palestinian Authority (PA) police, the mukhabarat and un-uniformed thugs attack on two consecutive days Palestinians protesting against the invitation of Israeli war criminal Shaul Mofaz to Ramallah. Mofaz was Chief-of-Staff of the IOF from 1998 until 2003, and then Israeli Defence Minister from 2003 until 2006, making … Continue reading

Egypt presidential elections and the continuation of the military coup d’état!

As I am writing these lines, the second round of the presidential elections between the candidate Shafiq, considered by all as the representative of the old regime and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, and the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhoods Morsi is happening and elections polls are opened throughout Egypt. At 2.30 pm on … Continue reading

الثورة الدائمة، العدد ٢ – ربيع ٢٠١٢  نشر في محتويات هذا العدد  «الثورة الدائمة»، في عددها الثاني: هل ربحنا التحدي؟ – هيئة التحرير  المشكلة الطائفية في مصر والبديل العلماني الثوري – عاطف شحات سعيد – اشتراكي ثوري مصري  الطبقة العاملة والثورة المصرية – الاشتراكيون الثوريون (مصر)  ما الأسلم: الدخول في لعبة السيىء والأسوأ أم المقاطعة؟ – هيئة التحرير  «ما ينبغي قوله»، بعد عشرين سنة على … Continue reading

Debates around the second round of the Egyptian presidential elections

The results of the presidential elections in Egypt were a victory for the elites both of the older regime and of the ones backing the Muslim Brotherhoods.  Egypt has been divided since then between people and parties calling to vote for Morsi to make barrage to Shafiq, the man of the regime, while others have … Continue reading

السعودية: مظاهرات في قلب الثورة المضادة   اذار 18, 2012 -نشر في شهدت السعودية عدة تظاهرات مهمة في مناطق مختلفة من البلاد خلال الأسابيع القليلة الماضية. المظاهرات والتحركات الشعبية، التي بدأت منذ سنة هناك، لم تحظ بالتغطية الإعلامية اللازمة سواء من الإعلام الإقليمي والدولي، والقمع لم تدنه الحكومات الغربية. آلاف من الطالبات في الجامعات السعودية قاطعن الصفوف للاحتجاج ضد الخدمات … Continue reading

Les travailleurs (euses) et les révolutions arabes.

Les processus révolutionnaires dans les pays du Moyen Orient et d’Afrique du Nord continuent malgré les difficultés et les tentatives nationales et internationales de limiter au maximum les objectifs des peuples de la région que ce soit au niveau démocratique et socio économique.  Dans cette mesure l’importance de la lutte des travailleurs-euses dans les soulèvements … Continue reading

Bahrain, or the Revolution that will not stay silent.

The expression “Business as usual” could resume the feeling and statements regarding the revolution in Bahrain by nearly the whole world from the Bahraini authorities, to the Western governments, passing through international Medias such as Al Jazeera and finally the Gulf states of the region. The Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP) has been confirmed by … Continue reading

Tunisia and Al Nahda movement

This is the second article of a series on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) movement in the Middle East and North Africa region ( Please check the first article to understand the context in which this paper is written. Again I would like to precise before starting this article that this analysis is focusing on a … Continue reading