L’arme des ventres vides ou la résistance populaire du peuple palestinien

Article publié dans le journal SolidaritS, Mai 2012 (http://www.solidarites.ch/journal/#article=d/article/5340/&sommaire=d/numero/0) Au cours des mois d’avril et de mai derniers, plus de 2000 prisonniers palestiniens se sont engagés dans une grève de la faim ouverte pour protester contre le traitement inhumain et illégal infligé par le Service pénitentiaire israélien (SPI). Certains prisonniers, comme Thaer Halahleh et Bilal … Continue reading

Your Choice: Your Career or Your Identity Or other stories of Empowerment, Lebanese Style

The new regulation adopted by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces to prevent women from wearing the hijab to work on the field has stirred a lot of debate and controversy in the highly sect-sensitive state of Lebanon. Invoking the military Code of Conduct that purportedly doesn’t allow any member of the security forces to wear … Continue reading

Palestine : Again and Always, Forever and Ever

On Sunday 29th of November, it was the United Nation International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and for this reason we thought it is important to remind everyone of the daily sufferings of the Palestinians, and of the Israeli criminal and colonial policy towards them. The Palestinian misfortune has now been going on … Continue reading