Syrian rap song “Biyan Raqam Wahid”, translated as “Communiqué No. 1” or “Statement No. 1”, was released online amid demonstrations and violent regime repressions on Syrian people. The song calls for revolt against sectarian scaremongering, violent repression, and corruption. Statement No. 1 aims at mobilizing dissent with its opening chorus: “Statement No. 1/ The Syrian … Continue reading

Enough! Enough! Tahya Thawra!

“One, one, one, the Syrian people are one!”

Christian Assyrians in today’s protest in Syria. the banner written in Arabic and Assyrian ” “Arabs,Kurds,Assyrian,Syriac, we are all Syrian”

Demands of the protest movement in Syria

Please find this statement released by the Syrian movement of protest last week clarifying the demands of the protesters, which are the following: First – Immediate Actions: 1.     The release of all political and opinion prisoners and detainees and allowing all exiled Syrians to comeback home without any conditions, restrictions or exceptions. 2.     The lifting … Continue reading

Syria: the popular Intifada!

Article written  by Khalil Habash Are we witnessing nowadays an attempt from foreign imperialist forces to destabilize Syria through organized demonstrations because of its pro resistant stand in relation to Israel? Is Syria not a stronghold for anti imperialist forces in their struggle against the Zionist State? Syria has been able to portray itself as … Continue reading

Committee for Supporting the Syrian Intifada

Committee for Supporting the Syrian Intifada Campaign of mass arrests and procedures of malignancy in Syria The Syrian security services is using malicious policy to abort the uprising of the Syrian masses for freedom and justice, equality and dignity, as they announced today the release of Ms.Suheir Atassi, and about seventy other prisoners, while Syriatel … Continue reading

Syria: the people will not step down

The Syrian regime is shaken by the popular uprising that started in the southern city of Deraa, and has now become a symbol of resistance nationwide. There have now been protests across Syria calling for freedom and the scrapping of repressive laws. The uprisings were triggered by the arrest of 15 children in Deraa, who … Continue reading

Syria: End of the silence?

Syria has witnessed on Friday 18th of March and the past few days small demonstrations of few hundred people in Damascus mainly, but also in the city of Homs..  The security forces dispersed a demonstration this morning after Friday prayers inside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. In Homs, protesters demonstrated in front the mosque Khaled … Continue reading

Speech at Global Day of action – Egypt, the wider Middle East & North Africa

Dear Comrades, Brothers and Sisters We are gathered here today firstly to salute the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions and other uprisings in the region from Jordan to Yemen, with a special thought today as well for the day of changing the system in Algeria. People of the Arab world have risen to denounce their corrupted … Continue reading

Blog Action Day: Water in the Middle East, a Human Rights Issue

The idea that we’re taking water away from someone else is simply preposterous  Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev Today is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers around the world unite and write about one topic that has been globally chosen. This year’s theme is access to (clean) water, which in many countries across the … Continue reading