PA’s dependency on external actors, neo liberal policies and corruption (part II)

As we have seen in the first article (The Oslo predicament and the PA’s failure, collaboration and repression… the Oslo Agreement and Paris Protocol were designed in order to maintain the Palestinian economy just as before fully incorporated into and dependent upon the Israeli economy. In 2002 nearly a decade after the conclusion of the … Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2011: On the Right to Food, Hunger and Poverty

The right to food is a Human Right: it might be good to be reminded of that fact as we watch around 6 million children die per year as a result of starvation and related diseasesi. The right to food sends us back to the very rights to live, and to live in dignity. It … Continue reading

Climate Change: More than a Weather Issue

This post is part of the global effort of blog action day that encourages bloggers around the world to blog on the same topic on the same day : Anyone strutting down the overcrowded and over polluted streets of Beirut, Damascus or Cairo would never think that Middle Eastern societies care much for the … Continue reading