Le peuple demande

Le monde arabe a vécu une année 2011 des plus passionnantes pour toutes celles et ceux qui résistent et qui luttent à travers le monde. Les mouvements populaires, qui ont secoué les dictatures du Moyen-Orient et d’Afrique du Nord, ont eu un impact dans le monde entier. Les Indigné·e·s tirent leur inspiration des révolutions arabes. … Continue reading

Revolution and counter-revolution in the Arab world

It is one year since the revolutionary process in the Middle East and north Africa began. We can now observe a struggle between the counter-revolutionary forces of Western imperialists and their regional clients, led by Saudi Arabia, and the popular movements. The counter-revolutionary forces are trying to stop the wind of change led by the … Continue reading

The domino effect or the unstoppable Arab Revolution!

Popular uprisings in the Arab world are continuing to spread to other authoritarian and corrupt regimes with unstoppable ferocity and determination. Following the resignation of Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Egypt’s Mubarak, we are witnessing the domino effect with such clarity, that every dictatorship in the region is now shaking with fear of popular movements. But … Continue reading

The pharao is down! First victory of the Revolution!

Vice President Omar Suleiman announced Friday in a televised address that Hosni Mubarak was stepping down, and had handed over authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Powers have been transferred to the army following a wave of mobilisation over the past 18 days, millions of people demanding the overthrow not only of … Continue reading

The people want to overthrow the regime!

This is the slogan of the Egyptian people, a chant echoed by other popular movements in the region. Not so-called ‘peaceful transitions’ or ‘reforms’, as announced by Mubarak and other authoritarian regimes supported by western imperialism. The revolutionary movements in these countries are not ready to step down from pushing their demands, in favour of … Continue reading

Revolution has entered the Arab dictionary.

Revolution is no longer a simple theory we use, in the Arab world, to explain foreign or past events. It now means something to the masses. The word revolution is on the lips of every citizen in the region, while its echoes can be heard throughout the world. Tunisia’s revolutionary process has had huge impact … Continue reading

World Aids Day : Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.

Finance Ministers Meeting: Q&A with international press As you know, World AIDS is happening on Tuesday December 1st. Unfortunately, HIV and AIDS are not issues that are taken seriously enough in the Middle East, let alone the Rights of People Living With HIV. Why not start Keeping the Promise? Follow me while I give you … Continue reading

Climate Change: More than a Weather Issue

This post is part of the global effort of blog action day that encourages bloggers around the world to blog on the same topic on the same day : http://www.blogactionday.org Anyone strutting down the overcrowded and over polluted streets of Beirut, Damascus or Cairo would never think that Middle Eastern societies care much for the … Continue reading